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This is the basis for the invasion of Syria. The lion's share of Europe is dependent on Russia's oil and natural gas. The Qatar pipeline was supposed to lessen central Europe's dependence on Russian and Iranian energy. But guess who refused to allow the pipeline through his country? Assad.

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Fuck Europe.

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Yes, current Eurepean governmentm is taken over by bankers and self destroying politicians

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Assad made a deal with Iran/Iraq/China. The Chinese had a port in Syria. Both pipelines (EU/US one from North Africa and the Chinese one) were going to go through Homs, where all of the fighting happened by random coincidence.

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Luckily, the US Military can be rented for short or long-term invasions. Works nicely with all that Syrian coastline and land soon to become available for free, if you are in the neighborhood.

all about the $

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I think the reason for war in Syria is just to sell more arms to everybody

Is it most likely that US is willing to help EU in the energy sector or create a scenario where people are buying US made weapons ?

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Yet again. The man is consistently right, and the left gets their face pushed into the pile of shit, again and again. But unlike a dog, they don't get the point to stop shitting in the house.

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And the audacity of NATO to tell the USA we should appreciate our allies more as we don't have that many left. WE can stand alone for the most part and there are plenty of smaller countries that would be/are thrilled to do trade with us. When we spend almost 700 billion yearly to protect these Europeans and they barely spend 70 billion. Trump is right, they need to step up. Especially Germany. Trump needs to move our military bases to Poland and tell them all to feck off and protect themselves. Maybe Germany needs a reminder of what it feels like with Russia at your door.

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Let's have any votes in NATO weighted by funding. THat will keep the leechers from controlling anything.

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So, the alternative would be funding America military so they can bully Europe more effectively ?

I am already mad that Europe is imposing bailin banks regulation and REMOVING labeling of food (you can no more know where the olive oil you are buying is produced)

No, thanks, I do not need even US bully deciding what I should be doing or not doing

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Let see Germany pays billions for RUSSIAN gas while it's army (BUNDESWHER) has to use black painted broom sticks for rifles, all of the 128 first line FIGHTER INTERCEPTORS are not combat worthy with only 12 being able to be flown at all, all six of Germany's submarines are in dry dock to keep from sinking, and all their military helicopter pilots have to take a second job flying the German Automobile clubs traffic reporting Helicopters to get flying time.

Germany doesn't have the money to support its military but has billions to send to Russia and to support a couple of million Moslem Jihad terrorist wannabes.

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It’s all about priorities. They know they’ve got the US nuclear umbrella to protect them, for now.

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Trump mentions a certain previous German Chancellor who went to work for big Russian oil and gas right when he left office, he's talking about Schroeder, and it's all true. Russia is basically Saudi Arabia with snow, they have no other industry that brings in money except weapon sales and exporting their natural resources. The only way I see Europe counterbalancing Russia and not being at their mercy is if Israel and Cyprus start extracting natural gas and build a pipeline to Greece, bypassing Turkey.

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Trump is right. Germany pays Russia billions of dollars for oil and gas, which Russia spends improving its very well equipped new military. So Germany wants the US to provide defense against a possible aggressor, whose armed forces are all but funded by Germany?

And Trump's an asshole for suggesting maybe Germany should pay more for that defense.

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The rest of Germany's money goes to feeding retarded niggers.

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