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I argue against affirmative action all the time on reddit. If you can get someone to articulate why Asians should be currently discriminated against in education it sets off "over-represented" crying. Then I bring up the Jews owning the Ivy League and the judiciary. Fun times.

Asians are a success story for America. They are a white nationalists friend.

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I keep trying to convince ppl of this NE Asians are a natural ally to white nats

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east asians. not south east asians. SE Asians are basically somewhat smarter Mexicans with slant eyes

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It all comes back to IQ. Nations with,a higher average IQ tend,to do better than those that don't. Start importing,masses of low IQ people into high IQ nations and watch them fall. With high numbers come more representation. Stupid people making thedecisions

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Asians show how an immigrant population should integrate. Work hard, low crime rate and they contribute to the economy. It's an illustration that shows it's not because white people are bad that blacks, etc. don't integrate well. If Asians can do it, why can't others? Oh, because they're jungle monkeys.

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One the one hand, we're supposed to believe that there's no scientific basis for the divisions of race, yet at the same time we're supposed to lower the standards for certain people based on...their race. This confuses me.

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It's called doublethink.

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Those preferences are necessary to accommodate their inferior scholastic ability. If made to meet any type of merit-based requirement, they could not justify their place in academics. Only by basing admission on something they posseses that other, more qualified candidates, do not, can they maintain their current standing.

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It's the typical liberal double speak. How does one say that racism is alive and well and at the same time work to decrease racism? Simply make everything focus on race, but shame people for not being race blind. Of course this confuses a lot of people, and you then use the rejection of the ideals as proof that you need more of an action, when in fact you need less. Pretty much, liberals are cancer

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They'll say that it's not a matter of genetics, it can't possibly be a matter of genetics, so it must be environmental, these unfortunate people are kept in ghettos and given inferior schooling so of course they're not as well educated. And they'll avoid or pan any arguments against that position.

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Womp Womp

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Oooga Booga?

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Bix nood muhfugga

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As I've said before, this is just changing language in a memo and will not even begin to stop or reverse anti-white anti-male college admissions policies. It doesn't even start doing that, it's purely words. Need action not more words

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The asians should be at the forfront campaigning against this bullshit.. chinese fucking railroad workers had it just as bad as fucking black slaves or worse in no fucking way should they have to fucking test higher to get in.. all the while jews are fucking getting in somehow in mass!!!

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Irish had it worst of all nobody wanted shit to do with them. If someone views you as property and equipment then at least they see you as an asset to be taken care of and maintained

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Ya j just rewatched blazing saddles and the guy said ok we will make a deal, we will take the niggers and the chinks but we are not taking the irish!! I think people kinda knew the irish had to many liberal tendencies and sjw type mentality and they knew that would destroy a country faster then anything else.

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UH OH looks like blacks will be losing seats now.

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No, actual actions have to be taken for that to correct itself. This is just words. https://voat.co/v/politics/2628232/13266060

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The status of this beast keeps rising. What a fucking dawning horizon this Trump.

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