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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb's book was called Dark Alliance. It is a slow and difficult read due to all of the facts presented, but it all but conclusively proved that the CIA was behind large scale drug importation to the USArchive Amazon link to book- direct linking not allowed .

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Also need to remember:

Mike Spann, Pat TIllman...,

Randy Weaver, {Every "Sheep DIpped" Soldier}

And a few other Saints and Martyrs....

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Guess who was directly involved.. the Clintons.

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Wish I could say I was suprised

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Can we just dissolve the letter agencies already?

They are just organized crime and violate almost every law in the books

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Not just organized crime, state sponsored organized crime. That’s tough to stop with them having such a monopoly on violence.

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The war on drugs is really the war FOR drugs. It's all about limiting the supply and controlling who the biggest players in the game are.

When I mention limiting supply, I believe marijuana would be about $1-5 an ounce if it were legal. It's something anybody can grow in their own backyard.

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Crap weed would be dirt cheap, high yield hydroponic hybrids would probably be a bit priceier.

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You've got to pay extra for designer weed with a fancy label that is a status symbol when people see you with it.

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Definitely. Just take a look in your grocery store; you can get a pound of frozen peas for $1, a loaf of bread all ready to go for $1, ect. We've gotten good at growing plants, especially here in America.

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and now black lives don't matter anymore

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Yes, if everyone involved in the growing, harvesting, trimming, packaging, distributing, and retailing of marijuana donated their time and paid expenses out of their own pockets, the prices could potentially be that low.

Just because some have the ability to grow plants, doesn't mean the farming industry has gone out of business. Also, marijuana is legal here, and it costs about $40 per 1/8th ounce. (for high quality)

To be fair, prices are coming down, and will go lower once some of those large farming ops complete their switch over to buds. It's still a hands-on product though. Unlike, say, tomatoes, each individual bud needs to be carefully trimmed to remove all leaves. People doing that typically want to be paid for their time.

Some finished product: https://www.shopharborside.com/sanjose/#/shop/413

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The point of weed is to create a distribution network for all the other stuff. It's all the other stuff which is deep state black currency. It's why our military has been used as a mercenary force to protect foreign growers. As such, it's in their own interest to set the street price. High price means lots of money for illegal cia ops. Which the Congressional oversight committee has publicity acknowledge the CIA conducts their own ops without funding or oversight.

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Just watched " Kill the Messenger" a couple nights ago.

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Shot himself in the head, twice..

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Now THAT'S commitment!

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He wanted to make sure he was dead.

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obviously suicide

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I read the book.. i told my parents about it they didnt believe me.. i showed them the video of the head of the cia admitting they helped traffic drugs into the inner cities they just kinda pretneded it didnt happen.. the main stream movie out not that long ago did a good job of explaining it.. gary web is as much of a hero as any of the people on our money or with statues in washgiton, if he hadnt exposed it we would all be sitting here telling our normie friends that the cia helped bring cocain into the hood and they would call us nut job tinfoil wearing conspiracy theorist... kinda like the uss liberty attack was an accident and not a failed false flag.

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I'll take Things the News doesn't tell You for 500, Alex.

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He worked for newspapers. Reporting the... news.

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