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Black politicians take a stand on race and nothing more. How the hell were they elected with a single issue?

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Jews, niggers, spics, and white guilt. Normal people don't vote democrat.

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She wouldn't be where she is today but for her spreading her legs for Willie Brown.

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SJW "Year Zero" shit again. Nothing before current year counts. Listen and Believe.

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the history of my feelings now

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Never heard of a Democrat who wasn't a lying hypocrite.

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Another swing and a miss for the Dinducrats and their "muh systemic racism" narrative. She's going to reach Mad Maxine levels of crazy at this rate.

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It's even worse than the article makes it appear.

California schools were desegregated in 1947, a full 7 years before the Brown decision. The Republican governor of CA at that time, Earl Warren, signed a bill desegregating all schools after a local Circuit court case that never went before the SCOTUS.

This would be the kind of basic state history, and legal history, that you would expect a competent California Senator (and former Attorney General!) to know. But not an affirmative action Senator, I guess.

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No, see she feels like she knows what segregation was, you fucking bigot. That makes it real enough for her. Don't you have any compassion?

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That is impossible; that schools would still be separate that late. My oldest sibling born in the early 1950s; was the only one in our family to have witnessed DE-segregation in schools; in the Deep South.

So Berkley was still segregated in the late 1960s and early 1970s well after the South had done so?

It is amazing the methods they conjure to jerk themselves off.

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Another affirmative action hire idiot and liar. Forced integration is immoral and the fault of communists (jews).

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