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Niggers gonna nog.

It's in their blood.

Only few managed to not inherit the noggin gene.

I'm not saying that all niggers are lazy, dumb, and violent, but most are. Life is not unicorn and rainbow, it is what it is.


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I know a nigger who inherited 50K from his nigger dad(Let's also remember, that being able to save up only 50K for 50+ years of being alive is pitiful by itself). Nigger dude managed to spend it all in 2 weeks in all useless crap. It was insane. He bought watches, bling, started giving it away, fucking waddled it around to the public. Needless to say, liberals need to understand, giving niggers more money and more property is NOT going to fix their poverty issues. Niggers simply dont care about the future, only the now. And no amount of "aid" will fix that