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That's a misunderstanding. Whites were allowed to stay in Haiti after the revolution. There was a numbered of German settlers that remained until the United States invaded Haiti during WWI. There was also a contingent of Polish soldiers that switched sides during the Haitian war of independence, and who remained there.

The Haitians did exterminate all the French.

Haiti is poor today because of the (((bankers))). Affter the French were kicked out or killed, Haiti had 40 years of civil wars. When the war was finally over, France, Britain and the United States put a blockade on Haiti, and demanded that the Haitians pay indemnification tot he French for the loss of the plantations.

Haiti was forced to take out a loan from Britain to pay the French. It had an interest of 10%, so that it took Haiti more than 100 years to pay it off. This is all because (((they))) cannot allow even half of an island full of niggers to exist without them owing something to the (((banks))).

Since the debt was paid off, it has of course been replaced with new loans.

Another way, that Haiti was kept poor, was by the US invasion at the time of WWI. They did this to limit German influence in Haiti. German owned businesses were responsible for 80% of Haiti's exports. When the US invaded the Germans were deported and the businesses were confiscated.

Haiti and other 3rd world countries are poor and it is not the fault of white people, but it is the result of the efforts of the (((bankers))) and (((freemasons).


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small precision. currently its kept poor because all labor makes tshirts and what not for companies that arent owned by haiti or haitiens. there's barely any tax and labor is next to free there as long as you're willing to take the risks.

add low iq to the mix and good luck


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kept poor

kept poor

If there ever was a way to make niggers not be poor, it would have to do with making them not be niggers.