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That’s correct. The problems in Haiti were caused by white people leaving.

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Actually, they were murdered by all the blacks. https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=5IgBRBfB7EE&feature=youtu.be

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Slaughtered, left; same thing. They’re not there anymore and Haiti went from the Paris of the Caribbean to the single worst shithole in all of the New World, which is a fucking FEAT given the state of the entirety of Latin America.

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Haitians genocided the french, Purto Rico didn't genocide the Spaniards. The results are as clear as mud.

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You don't even have to go that far. The Dominican Republic is literally the SAME FUCKING ISLAND. One is a livable Latino shithole, where there's some crime but they also grow fruit and have some money, and the other is an apocalyptic African shithole where even the trees have been eaten and the only food being produced is mud cookies.

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A mud-race of Jewish slaves versus completely uninhabitable?

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That's a misunderstanding. Whites were allowed to stay in Haiti after the revolution. There was a numbered of German settlers that remained until the United States invaded Haiti during WWI. There was also a contingent of Polish soldiers that switched sides during the Haitian war of independence, and who remained there.

The Haitians did exterminate all the French.

Haiti is poor today because of the (((bankers))). Affter the French were kicked out or killed, Haiti had 40 years of civil wars. When the war was finally over, France, Britain and the United States put a blockade on Haiti, and demanded that the Haitians pay indemnification tot he French for the loss of the plantations.

Haiti was forced to take out a loan from Britain to pay the French. It had an interest of 10%, so that it took Haiti more than 100 years to pay it off. This is all because (((they))) cannot allow even half of an island full of niggers to exist without them owing something to the (((banks))).

Since the debt was paid off, it has of course been replaced with new loans.

Another way, that Haiti was kept poor, was by the US invasion at the time of WWI. They did this to limit German influence in Haiti. German owned businesses were responsible for 80% of Haiti's exports. When the US invaded the Germans were deported and the businesses were confiscated.

Haiti and other 3rd world countries are poor and it is not the fault of white people, but it is the result of the efforts of the (((bankers))) and (((freemasons).

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small precision. currently its kept poor because all labor makes tshirts and what not for companies that arent owned by haiti or haitiens. there's barely any tax and labor is next to free there as long as you're willing to take the risks.

add low iq to the mix and good luck

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I thought it was because of Hillary tried to help them... Wait, Democrats are the White People and Republicans are just The People...

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I find it unlikely that she affected the economy that much, regardless of how many niglets she ate.

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Damn white people and their

shuffles deck

Fleeing genocide

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how do you expect them to live amongst themselves! It's never been done successfully, reeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Clearly niggers living by themselves has never been tried, except in wakanda.

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The majority of Haitians, 95%, are of predominantly African descent. The remaining of the population is primarily mulattoes, Europeans, Asians and Arabs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Haiti

95% or more are African. Of course their problems exist because of white people; They don't have enough left to support the Africans.

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To be fair, whoever brought them there should have at least bought passage on a ship back to Africa and sent them all home. Then Haiti would have become a paradise on Earth. Instead, they abandoned it to savages and now look at it.

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Just like any nation left to niggers, for some reason it has an abundance of natural resources that they simply are unable to take advantage of.

Either the Europeans or the Chinese will come in to take it; Jews and Africans are too lazy to build the necessary systems to extract the resources, and the Hispanics and Africans are too corrupt to manage the resources once they've been extracted.

Without either Europeans or Asians driving the world forward, we might still be in the dark ages.

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They didn't abandon it really.

The french that were there thought they could live side-by-side with the africans after the french revolution. So they freed them and gave them equal rights. They were allowed to go on white parties etc.
But the niggers wanted revenge, so they instead slaughtered the french people, who were delusional enough to think that you can live in harmony with these savages.

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They chimped out and killed all the French settlers, and destroyed their institutions. France wanted its investment back. It took Haiti until almost 1950 to pay the balance off.

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The Haitians massacred the French colonialist.

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Jews are 2% of the population.

Edit: 2% of the US. The claim is that since Blacks are 95% of the population, a minority could not have a significant effect on the culture and economy. Obviously Voat takes that exact premise for granted when it talks about Jewish elites in the US. I don't know anything about Haiti, I don't have an opinion on "who's to blame" for the shithole that is Haiti, but you can't discount the potential influence of a Middleman Minorities.

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Did you reply to the wrong comment?

In Haiti's largest city, Port-au-Prince, there were only 25 Jewish families in 2013. Port-au-Prince's population is estimated at 2.6m and Haiti's population is estimated at a little over 10 million.

Feel free to provide more accurate statistics as I couldn't find any, but ~100 Jewish Haitian families at an average of 4 people per family is 400 / 10,000,000 = 0.004%, not 2%.


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Do you think that the Haitians are better off without the French?

Do you really not think that the place is an absolute shit hole because makeup of the population?

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You could give niggers a tropical paridise and they will turn it into Hati in one generation or less. just like they did. They are fucking incapable of maintaining any kind of a semblance of polite society. It devolves into blowing into cows assholes and an orgy of rape and necklacing. All while raping babies to cure their AIDS and eating albinos for their ooga booga magic. Basicly detroit.

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Niggers gonna nog.

It's in their blood.

Only few managed to not inherit the noggin gene.

I'm not saying that all niggers are lazy, dumb, and violent, but most are. Life is not unicorn and rainbow, it is what it is.

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I know a nigger who inherited 50K from his nigger dad(Let's also remember, that being able to save up only 50K for 50+ years of being alive is pitiful by itself). Nigger dude managed to spend it all in 2 weeks in all useless crap. It was insane. He bought watches, bling, started giving it away, fucking waddled it around to the public. Needless to say, liberals need to understand, giving niggers more money and more property is NOT going to fix their poverty issues. Niggers simply dont care about the future, only the now. And no amount of "aid" will fix that

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It'll be interesting after a few more decades what will happen to S.Africa. Currently it's about 10% and shrinking.

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It's called what happened to Rhodesia, which is now Zimbabwe.

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White people really fucked up when they let niggers take the place over.

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"Let them take over"? Are you aware that the niggers took Haiti over via violent revolution and mass murder of Whites?

Just one more example of colonialism bringing savages into the modern world; but savages are savages. Civilization is alien to them.

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Which was made possible, because the french after the french revolution were so much about justice, that they freed the africans on haiti. And the french there thought they could live alongside eachother.

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White people are responsible for the situation in Haiti getting out of control. If a white person said, "Hold up, we've got too many niggers here," it might not have happened.

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I am thoroughly convinced that "The Root" is satirical. I don't know how or why, but supposedly-black authors can not possibly both be literate enough to form these sentences and still be unaware of their obvious implications. I'm not saying it's some grand scheme by The Daily Stormer or something. Just that they would have to be intelligent liars whether they be black or white, and I don't see blacks being able to pull this off.

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No shit. How could a county that has been ruled by blacks for centuries blame whites for anything that happens there? The French even gave them a second chance, sent over 2000 people to rebuild Haiti and they slaughtered them all así soon as they arrived. Haiti deserves what it's gets and whites have had no part in their mishaps.

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be Haitian
kill all the White man
dress up in his clothes
starve for 200 years
Whiteman's fault


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Pirates ran the country better 350 years ago than niggers do today.

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