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You fucked up. You tried talking to them like they were adults, these are mindless man children. They can't possibly comprehend complicated thought. All they want is an enemy to hate. Something to blame for their complete and utter failure at life, because they have so many participation trophies it couldn't possibly be them that's the problem.

Just stick to the facts and give them a new enemy. Unleash your Jewjistu. Say you saw something on CNN about how people in the United States are forced by Donald Trump to send 3.8 billion dollars to Israel every year in order to pay for a wall Trump wanted them to build in Israel to test out building a wall in America. These cuckguzzlers will go online and dig just enough under the surface to find out three important things, Kikes have built a wall, the US sends about 3.8 billion a year to Israel, and Donald Trump married off his daughter to a Jew recently. These retards will be Jewpilled before they even know what's happening. Once you tell them that Donald Trump secretly bought reddit and forced them to ban anyone on reddit saying anything negative about Israel, in order to cover up in the media about his secret wall plan. You will start seeing these rejects get kicked out of reddit, their favorite soyboy hangout. These are the kind of unhinged lunatic useful idiots who aren't afraid to stand in streets and hold signs all day reeing about whatever. Let them ree in the streets about the Jews. They may even wake up a few people in the process. I think all we really need in this country is a nice long sit down dialogue about the you-know-what problem.

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Oh dude. I knew full well there was no talking to them before I said anything. Like I said, in politically charged places like that the only way you can fit in is to agree in totality and do so convincingly. You gotta drink the Koo-Laid. Before I found a new gig I would just drop dimes. I heard them constantly complaining about the 1% one morning and I said "I don't complain about the 1% because 43% of the richest 1% in this country are Jewish and I find that bordering on anti-semitism." It was a complete and utter blue screen moment for the white cucks there. The lone mixed/black guy just started bitching up a storm about Jews. No one said anything, very awkward and very hilarious. I'm not one who hates anyone for simply being born, no matter their race but I enjoyed fucking with them like that.

The reason I have made 2.5x the money most of them have made over their lives is not because I grew up any wealthier or any better connected than them. In fact, probably less so than most of them. It's been because I've worked hard and I have an attitude that you just have to make do with what you're given. The world isn't going to change for me. I'll adapt or I won't. I've dealt with these kinds of offices before, for years in fact. I knew I wouldn't be coming back there but still kept it pretty classy until the end, despite them being douche canoes. On the way out I said nothing but great things about them during my exit interview and during my goodbye email to my direct supervisors. Why would I want to say anything bad? I don't want to get them in trouble or get any of them fired. I want them to NOT change, to stay right where they are, unhappy and broke and it is their own fault.

At my new gig I'm a regional manager and I already started hiring people in making $6 more an hour with better benefits than what those guys are making. All them being dicks to me did was exclude them from that process. If they want to hate me for my political views or personality conflicts and fuck themselves out of a potential career and money, that's their problem, not mine. I surround myself with motivated people of a like mind. Money comes first at work. Positive work relationships and professionalism come first, not politics or personality. I left there faster than I had to because I didn't want to develop a lot of bad habits arguing with them all day but by the 5th day or so I realized it didn't matter. They were going to be belligerent no matter what because I wasn't down with the Soros funded resistance.

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"The world isn't going to change for me. I'll adapt or I won't."

the media, the church, academia public education, and moral codes et al. sure did change. i guess that just happened on its own. or by people just going with the flow. go along to get along. i don't know about all this.i have a friend who does gun shows. he sells his wares to people who have no business owning kevlar and ammo. i tried telling him he should have some bar...perhaps jack his prices up and have them walk away "voluntarily." he doesn't care. he'd sell fucking yellow cake to a crazy-eyed, scraggly-bearded brown with blood literally dripping from his hands because "money comes first." look, i DO get it. but we got in this craptastic situation we are in because we just kept our heads down and worked "hoping" things would rectify themselves.

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I agree with this. Quietly redpill them.

Slavery? Tell them how Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam researched slave ownership and found Jews were way over-represented. Jewish scholars have backed this up.

Global warming? Who owns BP, Shell and a host of other oil companies? Cough cough Rothschilds.

Iraq war? Project for a new American century, loaded with Jews.

I would quietly work the Jew angle into it.

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It's key. Dropping easily found facts puts you on their side, a buddy. "Yeah, crazy liberal, all world problems would end if Trump died tomorrow, but I heard that people in Israel have universal health care and their college tuition is capped by law at $2,890/year. Why are dual citizen Israeli politicians voting to send billions of dollars to Israel every year? Why isn't Israel diverse and what's with that wall? And on and on and on, eventually you can get to the holocaust and holodomor and drop the final red pill... and a Nazi is born.

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I saw something debubking the jew aspect of slave ships? I wish we could have some real historians look into it in an unbiased way.. i feel like the thing i read was from a jew defending jews.. anyways i think there is an entire book claiming jews where not involved at high levels.

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A good leader sees that all people can serve a good purpose and knows better then they how to get them to do it.

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If we can get these useful idiots asking the JQ, we can really get moving on fixing everything.

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Dang, man. You picked up quite a lot of gems during your time working there.

While reading all of this, I kept thinking about that one concept...I forgot what it was called, but the idea was that some people who know a little bit about a topic will act like they know everything, until they start learning more and realizing how little they actually know. I underwent that while building my personal archive: I was just reading everything I've amassed and thought about how much information I need to read up and understand. Anyways, while reading your post I kept thinking that all these people are just like what I've described: they read a little bit about a subject and act like they are an expert on the subject. The problem is that they never get past that point; they're content with just listening to what the news articles say and be content with that, not pursuing any more on the matter. The xe white guy you talked about is a pretty good example of this, methinks.

Funny how that black guy straight up admitted that he just wanted more money. Not really helping his case of the stereotype about the gibs, eh?

Hopefully you get a better job where you don't have to deal with these...drones.

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Dunning-Kruger effect.

I have plenty of patience for people who lack knowledge in an area, but are willing to learn. However, loud opinionated bastards seem to trigger an urge in me to pop their egos.

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But are you capable of seeing it in yourself?

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the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

It is general, not limited to specific topics. Ergo, they are genearly idiots.

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Did you just link to RationalWiki? For fuck's sake! At least put it on archive, but that shithole is a Feminist utopia.

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This is a more American trait than people want to admit.
Source: moved to Canada, and realized I was the loud opinionated bastard.

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Well mission accomplished with the better job making more money but thank you. What you're touching on here is the difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance just means you don't know something, not always something to be ashamed of. Stupidity is when you refuse to learn. It's when you stop yourself and often others from learning more about a subject. Almost always, ego is involved where there is stupidity. A great example of this is the holocaust. I do not deny the holocaust but how many countless hours of our lives have we heard about it. Yet most people know absolutely nothing about how the death tolls were calculated, the name of the person whose testimony was mostly responsible for putting a large number of Nazis in prison after WW2, etc. They don't know how or where Anne Frank died, etc. If you bring any of these things up to someone, even if they are not Jewish or German, they'll take great offense and absolutely refuse to listen. Then they will make a dozen assumptions about you regardless of whether or not they are true. They will assume you are stupid, racist, hateful, a Nazi, a holocaust denier, etc. The example I just gave is prime example of how stupid people make a great effort to remain stupid and to keep everyone else aroundthem just as or even dumber than they themselves are.

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Good write-up.

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Libtards (Useful-Idiots) fall into one of two categories. One is the group think type. They will defy all logic to be popular with the group. They do not own their opinions and can not be reasoned with. Then there is the superficial knowledge based know-it-alls and again logic will do little to change their opinions. You can easily toy with them by keeping your emotions under control. I’m not a sadist so I only use this when facing a vindictive libtard or an ideologue that fully realizes their ideology destroys humanity. Even though I felt the hate at work it was worth the pats on the back from the disenfranchised competent fellow employees.

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I can get along with anyone at work as long as they put the professionalism and job first. Money comes first. I've gotten along with trannies, Muslims, Mexicans, people that prayed everyday at lunch, etc. you name it. It's fine as long as they have a live and let live attitude, something becoming very rare these days. I've had people that have disliked me but later came to respect me for my character and work ethic and we've ended up great friends. I've had some people where there was a mutual dislike but we had a great working relationship. I find that too often though, people confuse political beliefs with character. They also confuse personality conflicts with character. Generally, when you see a group of unhappy people, of any financial standing but it's especially true for unhappy poor people, they tend to only be able to get along by ganging up on the weakest link. That may be the lowest guy on the totem pole, the one that's different, the one that's unlikable, etc. but once the Alpha Bitch picks a target, they will all fall in line and be belligerent. That first week I played off the politics, said very little but agreed with the parts I agreed with when they kept questioning. The more they sensed that I wasn't on the self-hating white liberal suicide train, the more belligerent about it they became, constantly talking about politics anytime I was around and directing more questions at me. The second week I started dropping dimes and looking for another job. I found a job there my 4th week and just started making them look stupid. I wasn't rude, condescending or raising my voice. It was mostly my questions to all these 'experts' on the given subject matter that got them extremely pissed. I have always found anytime someone asks me a question, in a reasonable tone, in a logical manner that gets me pissed off, there is a hole there in my logic or knowledge. My solution is to not hold it against that friend or family member but to go look into it for myself and see why it pissed me off. That's not how most people are.

I never hated these guys because they were liberal, poor or not very well versed in the industry. It paid well for any entry level job but it's entry level. The people were actually not as bad as I've seen in some places. I guess for most of them, I would have felt bad for them if they were nicer. I don't mean I would have felt bad because they didn't make a lot of money, that's relative to one's needs. I've made everything from 10 an hour to 6 figures in this industry. I would have felt bad for them because I saw how unhappy they are, which is sadly common in a lot of offices. It's like the 2 fats that talked to each other one day about health, pretending they were fitness experts. All they were doing is reinforcing each other's bad habits and lifestyles. It's the same way with this crew and their attitude. Regardless of whether I like someone or not, agree with them politically or not, if I'm in a hole (and poverty is a hole) and someone throws me a rope I'm going to use it to climb out of the hole. Unless that person killed my father or fucked my wife, I won't refuse to grab that rope. These guys slapped the rope away. They do that everyday, to themselves and fuck each other over like crabs in a barrel and they don't even realize they are getting in their own way. I moved on, not rich but definitely much better off financially into a role that suits me better technically and socially. I already hired one person, will be hiring 2 more in the next months. I would have thrown at least one of these guys a rope but he wanted to be a cunt. He can stay where he is, making what he's making, eating himself into "bolivion" as Mike Tyson would say. I did nothing to him, even after he was a fat cunt my last few days there.

These guys also doesn't understand that it doesn't matter what happens to me. If I am raped by a gang of gay Vulcans and given Super Space Aids and the super fat supervisor, the cuck master general himself sees me on the corner begging for change with a flesh light in my hand, he'll get a good laugh, come back to the office and they'll all laugh, maybe get a few more laughs out of it over the years. But he's still gonna be 350lbs of bird shit. He'll still be living below the poverty line. He'll still be taking care of 4 kids that aren't his and he'll still have type 2 beetus. Nothing that happens to me affects him and his life, unless like, say for example, I got a better job where I was a manager and then didn't hire him, which is exactly what happened.

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Congratulations on getting a better job!!!

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Thanks for sharing. Its takes an extraordinary person to patiently sit through lecturing by low IQ failures.

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Ty for pointing out the military occupation shit cause a lot of people don’t think of it. It’s true. I don’t understand hating the government yet wanting to turn over your weapons to the people you hate. Even if you loved trump. You know we’re gonna change eventually....dumbasses

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I realize fully that I have a tendency to invest emotionally in some groups or people when I shouldn't and I know better. Whether I like a politician or not, I have lines in the sand. When someone starts talking about gun grabs, martial law, limiting our free speech, etc. then I pull their card. That's the compass I use. I don't care how awesome I think someone is, when they start whoring out things like that, I know there is a pimp behind them in the shadows and they are compromised. Everyone is compromised to a point and I'm not one of these people that thinks every politician or fed is my enemy or anything like that but like I said, there are boundaries there that I don't support anyone crossing. Anytime any government or military official starts throwing around ideas like mass gun confiscations, putting people in prison for free speech, thought crimes, etc. then I think they're a brainwashed fool, totally bought and sold or both.

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The left is built on the idea that others need to take responsibility for your actions. That’s why so many young people are liberal. They haven’t dealt with reality yet. Also why so many “migrants” and niggers are left. The good few go right. What do they get for it? Made fun of by children

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Yes, you're correct on that. They were talking about open borders, to which the Shaun King clone brought up Israel. He is one that doesn't like Jews. He brought up their walls and private prisons, etc. I didn't want to add to that pile, as I saw the pinkies (white liberals) weren't biting on that hook he was throwing out. So when open borders was mentioned again, this time directed at me, a question about impoverished Mexicans and why they don't have a right to a better life, etc. a little unclever trap thrown my way after I had sit there in silence and listened to them for 20 minutes I replied "Look I don't have a problem with open borders. If we want to do no tariffs and a free flow of people back and forth then that's fine but it needs to be mutual. It's not okay for the U.S. to let everyone is while Mexico has a Southern border with a huge fence, military and automated machine guns. If they want to complain about our 20% tariffs or 25% or whatever then they need to remove the 200% or more tariffs they have on some of our goods. Let's make it all even on both sides then do open borders and things would even themselves out." Of course, I realize this will never happen but it shut Xe up and gave Rapunzel something to think about while he played with his long blonde hair that went down to his waist.

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Was told by the token black guy "I don't want to work; I just want more money.

Kek he and 7 billion otheres, everyone would agree that working less for more money is great.

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He said that quote exactly, then changed it to "I don't want to work too hard but deserve more money." He explained how he didn't want to 'work his ass off' but wanted to be 'comfortable' I asked him what comfortable was and he told me that 22.50 & benefits would be comfortable for him. I told him that sounded reasonable, I understand his side of things but that simply isn't how the world worked. I told him that I've never had a work/life balance. I've either had way too much free time and not enough money or good money and no free time. That's just how things are. I've never found the solution and just quit trying. I'm just grateful there are jobs and opportunities out there and that I can pay the bills. He told me that he felt a 40 hour work week was too long, as they are hourly there and work only 40 a week. I told him every job I've had the last 8+ years, with the exception of the one I was currently at was salary and I've never worked under 50 hours a week at any of those jobs. I've never seen that. He told me that needed to change. I told him I've seen a lot worse places like China and India. I told him good luck with bucking the system on that one and that was the end of our little talk on economics.

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