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If America doesn’t respond to the calamity that’s befallen the working class, we will have Trumps as far as the eye can see.

Wrong, asshole. “America” doesn’t need to respond. Elected politicians do. 50 years ago, the American Democratic party actually made a good run of representing the working class. Eventually they figured out there was more money available from wealthy people, so they started sucking the dicks of billionaires and their lackeys, and now they’ll never stop.

Trump gave the working class a reason to believe that someone gave a damn about them and someone they could actually vote for to represent them.

There’s no mystery in this, no cult of personality. He made it easy to choose someone who doesn’t conduct business with some billionaire’s fist up his ass, quite unlike people like Hillary, McCain, Jeb, Rubio, etc.

Bernie Sanders did the same thing, but the thing is, Sanders was out-spent and out-maneuvered by Hillary, but Hillary doesn’t give a damn about working class white people either.

In this sense, the D. party helped Trump win, and in that act, they started something far greater than even a Presidency.

And there’s not a damn thing they can do about it now.


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Crawl back in your hole you big mouth midget.


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https://archive.fo/snp7s :

Robert Reich: How to prevent future Trumps | Salon.com

'If we really want to stop Trump and prevent future Trumps, we will need to address these causes of Trumpâ\x80\x99s rise. '

'But Trumpâ\x80\x99s racism and xenophobia focused the cumulative economic rage on scapegoats that had nothing to do with its causes. '

'A surprising number said they planned to vote either for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump â\x80\x94 the two anti-establishment candidates who promised to â\x80\x9cshake upâ\x80\x9d Washington. '

'Itâ\x80\x99s important to know, because we need to stop more Trumps in the future. '

'Some white working class men and women were â\x80\x94 and still are â\x80\x94 receptive to Trumpâ\x80\x99s bigotry. But what made them receptive?'

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