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Yeah,too bad it doesn't work too good. The push back is already starting and it's being led by jews. What's that tell you?


[–] neogag ago  (edited ago)

It tells you they play multiple angles with multiple fallbacks. They're not that smart, they only know the general direction of screwing over whites by using Muslims. They sort of wing it, knowing most of the ways things can play out are in their favor:

  • "Oy vey, Muslims are awful, feel for us poor Jews" -> sympathy, political support for the Jewish condition and possibly Israel (depending on who's talking). Possibly increased legislation against "anti-semitism."

  • If they can play the Muslims optimally, then they can destroy Western culture, including Christianity, as they've been wanting to do for so long (long term goal).

  • If the Muslim invasion doesn't work out perfectly well, it all circles back to "oy vey, think of us poor Israelis/Jews having to deal with these Muslims and their anti-semitism" and they live to scheme another day.

  • Many of the ways the plan can play out are likely to lead to Marxism, a Jewish favorite, which supports future schemes to accomplish their long term objectives..

What someone like Trump does is contain the plan to "oy vey, think of the poor victims of anti-semitism" which is what the conservative Jews want.


[–] Tallest_Skil ago 

It’s not being led by jews. What the hell are you even saying? All jews want all whites exterminated. All jews want all Christians exterminated. They don’t care how it’s done. Using Islam as the means by which whites are destroyed is simply a two-for.