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We learn to hate muslims again.

But I never stopped hating Muslims.

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Most people didn't know enough about muslims to hate them.

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Thank the Jews we learned how to hate again! Even if it means we end up deporting them to Greater Israel.

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Because (((media))) is a big part in accepting them. But tolerance is changing by simple local reality.

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Yes, nothing like that information is concealed in things called books.

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I remember King Sobieski.

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Just learned about him. Badass mutha.

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But people wrongfully attribute cultural problems to racial origins.

Where does culture stem from? Japanese culture for instance

Do you think somalis will ever build and maintain jap's culture?

Of course not

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You’re mentally fucking ill. Holy hell, kill yourself.

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Nonsense. Cultural differences indeed are partially racially/genetically based.

Do you think the Australian Aborigines could have sustained Zoroastrian culture? That they would have been doing engineering, mathematics, science, literature, poetry?

They have an average IQ around 65 or so. They can't sustain advanced culture. Even Indian culture was a creation largely of its top castes, with the lower castes breeding like rats and dragging the country down.

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it’s genetic

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This exactly. Jews control both sides. Don't align yourself with any faction other than you, your family, or your race

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Interesting point, I agree with you. Black people give other black people jobs and credit they don't deserve because they are black. Jews the same. Perhaps all races. I know in Hospitals, its hugely Filipino because they all get one another jobs. And its this way at the VA. I know they weren't vets. White people really don't do SHIT for other white people. Because there's a lot of us. But I was thinking about this the other day sitting in traffic.

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for now. Enough whites will wake up and start being more ethnocentric.

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The "muslim" agenda was always an isreali agenda, nobody cares about muslims other than isreal.

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Show me where Israel cares about muslims.

Israelis and Arabs have been fighting over Gaza on and off, for decades. It's part of the wider Arab Israeli conflict. After World War II and the Holocaust in which six million Jewish people were killed, more Jewish people wanted their own country.

Tip - Arabs are Islamics

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They dont care about muslim's wellbeing, they care about them in the same way you'd care about a rodent being in your home.

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Greater Israel is the scam.

Too bad the jews didn't expect the muslims to go ape shit and piss everyone off before they could do anything about it.

The slow burn turned into a quick roast.

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Diversity means less white people, it was always about less white people. Their plan is slow unnoticeable genocide.

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Yeah,too bad it doesn't work too good. The push back is already starting and it's being led by jews. What's that tell you?

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It tells you they play multiple angles with multiple fallbacks. They're not that smart, they only know the general direction of screwing over whites by using Muslims. They sort of wing it, knowing most of the ways things can play out are in their favor:

  • "Oy vey, Muslims are awful, feel for us poor Jews" -> sympathy, political support for the Jewish condition and possibly Israel (depending on who's talking). Possibly increased legislation against "anti-semitism."

  • If they can play the Muslims optimally, then they can destroy Western culture, including Christianity, as they've been wanting to do for so long (long term goal).

  • If the Muslim invasion doesn't work out perfectly well, it all circles back to "oy vey, think of us poor Israelis/Jews having to deal with these Muslims and their anti-semitism" and they live to scheme another day.

  • Many of the ways the plan can play out are likely to lead to Marxism, a Jewish favorite, which supports future schemes to accomplish their long term objectives..

What someone like Trump does is contain the plan to "oy vey, think of the poor victims of anti-semitism" which is what the conservative Jews want.

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It’s not being led by jews. What the hell are you even saying? All jews want all whites exterminated. All jews want all Christians exterminated. They don’t care how it’s done. Using Islam as the means by which whites are destroyed is simply a two-for.

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If whites and anti-Israel Muslims teamed up against our common ally, they wouldn't stand a chance. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick and the Torah. Notice that the Jewish media calls these migrants "Syrian refugees" even though most of them come from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, et. al.

Don't forget the alt-right controlled op like CIA agent Richard Spencer and useful idiot Jared Taylor praising Zionists while saying we must never ally with Muslims under any circumstances. Really percolates those peanuts, huh?

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I agree with this. We should team up with the Muslims to take out the Jews. Once that is done, we simply tell the Muslims to get the hell out of our countries or it is war. It will probably be war. At least we would have a single enemy to face.

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We learn to hate muslims again.

That's weird. This whole thing made me hate the Jews with a new vigor.

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Well,that was what was supposed to happen. A lot of us started noticing the jews. Probably more than you think.

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The Greater Israel project. The Kalergi Plan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFE0qAiofMQ&bpctr=1530979298

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