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This is great news. My college I attended was filled to the brim with low achieving minorities, all pursuing bullshit "business degree's" which are good for nothing more than getting a job in a call center.

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And are there to play football. We need to remove football and basketball from our schools. It will get rid of them fast.

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Already being done at the junior college level. The football program was costing my school 50% of their insurance bill so they axed it.

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"We ain't come to play skool!"

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I spent a decade working in call centers. You just need a pulse, not even that strong of one.

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I hate people like you.

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The thing about business degrees being worthless is not necessarily true, depending on which college you are attending. 8% of all business schools have AACSB accreditation in both business and accounting, and degrees from these schools can land you a good job as a CPA or a CFA. However the other 92% of business schools are unaccredited... so they are basically a waste of time. But I wouldn't be so fast to knock accountants, financial analysts, and insurance adjustors for having worthless degrees, assuming that their degrees come from one of the 8% of business schools with AACSB accreditation.

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Yeah, I’ll give u that. But I know CPA’s and I know lawyers, and they may be smart on paper, but come to anything outside of their realm. Dumb as rocks. I have friends that I consider smart, and they really are; but their education has made them so obtuse and academically one sided, that they couldn’t even start a chainsaw or a weedwacker if they wanted too. And the 8% that I you talk about, the Wharton and Yale graduates; come from “pay to play” colleges. Spend the money for the title on top of the degree, get a good job. The 92% of the rest of the business degree holders work in call centers. Or middle management at a retail box store. Fact. Business degrees are bottom of the barrel imo. Above woman’s studies for sure, but still low. Sorry

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Jokes on them. I work in a call center and I only have a GED

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"The Justice Department under Republican President Donald Trump has been investigating a complaint by more than 60 Asian-American organizations that say Harvard University's policies are discriminatory because they limit the acceptance of Asian-Americans"

Sad that we have to rely on Asians since any white organization would be compared to the Gestapo and shut down.

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Bingo. Still too afraid to stand up for whites as whites. Once you remove Jews, whites are just as underrepresented relative to qualifications as are asians.

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whites are just as underrepresented relative to qualifications as are asians.

Far more, actually

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What an incredibly stupid subject for the US government to have control over isn’t it?

Also I noticed something:

Conservatives have said such programs can hurt white people and Asian-Americans.

White people? Not White Americans?

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Yes. The schools discriminate against white Europeans as well. Since being a student can make it easier to immigrate, that's going to help shift immigration away from traditional (white) sources and towards more "diverse" ones.

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I don't think the writer actually thought that deeply about it because they excluded asian immigrants as well based on your explanation of it.

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that's going to help shift immigration away from traditional (white) sources and towards more "diverse" ones.

You're late for that one. That shit already happened in 1965.

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ahh yes, the heart of jewish chutzpah. years ago, this is the key that unlocked jewish power in my eyes, their ability to shape the world aroudn them using language shifting.

I had an extra credit assignment for a constitutional law class i was taking for fun, and ya ya of course it was about implicit bias bs and racism. The author of the paper kept using the terms, african american to desribe one nigger, black for another, and then sudanese for another. All europeoan peoples were just called white.

So instead of addressing the essay, i just wrote a paper on the language authors use to describe people when they want to convey a certain narrative. For instance, i detailed how when describing pavement ape niggers, people will say "african-ameriacn" so i took that to mean "country of origin-place of current inhabitants" so i was a european american. if i was white, then we were just classifying identity of skin pigment so all shitskins are black. As you can imagine, the professor did not give me any credit but also never brought it up with me. anyways, thats when i finally was able to see the shapeshifters for what they were. vampires.

Ironically enough, the author of the paper was jewish and even went so far as to use the word Chutzpah in it. go figure.

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you come across as a neckbeard

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It's insane to think really that this is what it's come to, but this is good, now I wonder what kind of bullshit the colleges will make up to keep doing what they've been doing all this time.

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What an incredibly stupid subject for the US government to have control over isn’t it?

Not necessarily. These institutions have been infiltrated at the administrative level by Jews who discriminate against whites and asians. Shouldn’t the government step in and stop that?

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It should be stopped by the people. Wasn’t it affirmative action at the government level in the first place?

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Affirmative Action only succeeds in promoting racism.

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And churning out "edumucated" negroes, who still have 70 IQ and are still utterly incompetent at anything besides frying chicken.

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The left will call this racist, of course, even though they are the ones who always create institutional racism under the guise of "diversity."

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This is maybe the most important thing he has done. It is an issue very persinal to me. I have seen dozens, not a few, but dozens of less qualified blacks supersede nore qualified whites and asians in college applications. It is blatant racism, and I could never respect any instituion with programs of reverse meritocracy.

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Actually stopping Asian discrimination in college huh? Maybe its time to make that SAT fair?

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This is what school is though... Test taking monkeys taking tests. I didn't say they would build a better world without whites but they are excellent at myopic detail as opposed to broad sweeping ideas. I always saw asians and whites as natural allies in business and engineering. Whites for the design and overall leadership and direction as well as the innovation side of the project and asians to dig balls deep into mind-numbing details and repetitive precise stuff that they excel at freeing whites to innovate even more.

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I think this is more a matter of culture. The ones who have adapted to the U.S. are as creative as you want.

Even a lot of them in their home countries are amazingly creative. Look at the number of Japanese stay-at-homes who have won the Nobel Prize in physics.

Or look at the Nintendo video game consoles. They have the obsessive perfectionism we expect from salarymen, but they also immense innovation unmatched by anyone else in the world. And it wasn't a stroke of luck, they kept it going for decades.

Look at Shuji Nakamura and his colleagues. They invented the blue LED, grinding away in an obscure laboratory at Nichia. You owe to them every gadget you own with a blue LED or white LED. They didn't do that by robotically memorizing textbooks. It was creativity. And dogged persistence in the same vein as Thomas Edison, whose lightbulbs they are replacing.

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Foreign asian students, are often very wealthy. There is advanced research in asia.. like skyrmions in Singapore - great storage device tech. It may be Confucianism has had a limiting affect, as well as purges of indepent thinkers, and present limitations on intellectual freedom.

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Diversity is racist garbage. Affirmative Action is racist garbage.

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