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I voted for him because of that wall. I'm still waiting on my fucking wall.

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Trump will never drain the swamp!

That's the one we should want next.. or prioritized in parallel with the others.

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Stopping Lobbyists and keeping them out of his administration was a good start. Too bad his administration is heavily stacked with dual citizen Israeli’s...

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Draining the swamp would take firing everyone in Washington and starting over.

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I’m down!

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To be fair Russia/Syria beat ISIS, America, Saudi Arabia and Israel were funding/training/providing air support and giving medical aid to ISIS wounded...Trump might have defunded or de-escalated Obamas plans but beat ISIS is pretty much a stretch.

In fact last week reports of American helocopters rescuing ISIS commanders were still coming out of Syria. Not sure how moving the ISIS troops that survived to Yemen is beating ISIS on Trumps part...

Being honest about the situation is better propaganda imho. It lays the finger of blame towards America’s two greatest enemies Israel and Saudi Arabia. Both of who have openly attacked America with no retribution. USS Liberty and 9/11.

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Trump will never turn on the jews. (prove me wrong)

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No but his unwavering support of Israel in the face of all their atrocities against Palestine while capitulating to every demand and Trump’s recent proposal through Kushner of one state solution for Peace in the Middle East might start red pilling a few more Goyim in America.

I also think that Trump will get sick of being pushed around by Israeli’s who just want more and more, land, money, weapons, technology from America. The new Capitol wasn’t enough, there will never be enough for sociopathic narcisists empowered by their god to purge that valley from the modern day Canaanites aka Palestinians in there way. Israel doesn’t want peace and Trump will realize that or already has...

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Wonk wonk, poor mooslems. Name me a thing that Trump did for Israel that was not purely symbolical? Putin considering moving his embassy? Putin also jewish shill?

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One of my complaints about Israel is that they don't evict the Palestinians from the west bank and Gaza. For all that money we give them, they won't even wipe out the terrorist base? Instead, they keep the inept terrorists as pets who keep biting them, so they can then play the victim.

If there was any way we could stay out of it (obviously impossible currently), would be nice to get both sides riled up into a fight to the finish. Jews in the US would suddenly become less relevant if their home base was gone. Hopefully they'd take a big chunk of the moslems with them on their way out.

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trump will never disobey israel

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@fhaqyu Don't you follow Q? The order is NK, Iran, then Israel if I remember correctly. I hope Trump and the military white hats free Israel from the Elitist-Jews in power. Let my people go - by destroying the Khazerian Jewish Mobsters who control the minds of many idiot Jews who follow J leaders because they are afraid of another holocaust (fake or not). Most Jews I know love Trump. The ones who don't are either stupid or lawyers or probably pedos.

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sorry mate, Q is a psyOP

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first, learn about your own fucking people.
1. The jews in power are the Ashkenazi Jews, not the Khazerian's. Fun fact, autism runs rampant in this sect of jews 2. Q is a larp fag.
3. It's widely known that most jews love Trump, because he is pushing their fucking agenda down the world's throat.

you all sit around here and push the far right neo-con agenda, sharing fox news, spreading the crap that flows from q's riddles.

Occam's razor faggots, Israel wants more land and natural resources (i.e. Theft of Golan heights and the genocide of the Palestinians). While the media and you fags all focus on right vs left, black vs white, it's plain and simple, this is nothing more than Israels push for more land and further destabilization of the region and the rest of the world.

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I am pretty sure that Khazerian Jewish Mobsters are working hand in hand with Trump. Well at least I had a hard time telling them apart from regular Jews at the Republican conventions. Including the 2016 convention that ellected Trump. There were alot of hassidic and regular jews there.

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That AMLO guy the Mexicans elected was elected on a platform of not paying for the wall. Its pretty clear the Mexicans wont pay.

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There are a couple definitions for "make them pay".

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now thats just jewish redefinition.

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deport is crossed off

meanwhile 50,000,000 illegals remain in the country and King Nigger deported more than Trump

Uh… huh.

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Look at the numbers, that's not true.

[–] Tallest_Skil 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

I did look at the numbers. That’s why I said it. Trump’s first year in office deported fewer than any of King Nigger’s individual years.

FIFTY. MILLION. STILL. HERE. A “big raid” of 100 is REBORN IN A FUCKING DAY. We need martial law, entire cities blocked off, and door to door raids with the national guard and SWAT teams. Until this happens, THERE ARE NO DEPORTATIONS.

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People are looking at the numbers. There was a minor slow down for a couple months at the border after the ellection, but it has been in full swing ever since by the taco-nigger invaders. Nat Geo has a map this last month showing Latinoland as America and their concentrations. Trump now has a map published on where to send ICE, thanks Jews running Nat Geo now.

Trump needs to tackle this issue first and foremost in my mind. A National Federal Requirement to show ID for voting and a purge of electronic ballot boxes ran by Democratic or Republican donors. Set up some sort of National Standard for electronic voting machines that is closer to the way we monitor Electronic gambling machines.