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Based on Mexico's natural resources and geographical location, they should be extremely rich and successful.

They are not. Why might that be?

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Something something racism something something imperialism something something white people bad.

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Name one place that's manned by shitskins that rivals Western quality. Shitskins are traveling through shitskin lands to get to White lands. Shitskins can't nation build. They are greedy, short sighted and get distracted by rape too easily.

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Iq of 90

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At best.

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Because Portuguese Crypto Jews and Marranos ran sacked the nation through the invasions of Spain and France...

The rest is history...human trafficking, drug trade with the CIA, and free lance mercenaries...Welcome to Mexico....

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Yeah,but that was the past. They aren't doing anything to improve it now that the CIA is busy covering it's own ass to help the cartels. Be a prime time to take back their country. And there's still tons of resources there.

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You are the devil! he cries as he rides his donkey back to the grass hut his grandpa built.

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TO rape his young daughter who he will eventually sell to the drug cartels.

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But not in the butt because she only eats chili burritos.

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The spic cries out in pain as the United States annexes mexico for a fourth time in 200 years

Ay dios mio!

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annex Mexico? for what?

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Rides his Donkey back to the land his European Spaniard colonizers plundered by robbing and raping the indigenous peoples into this continents worst genocide of our time. Now they are doing the same to America. Mexicans know their own European history of conquering the lands of Mexico and genocide of the Indian people, yet try to demonize Americans. Their hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.

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Google it man, shit's everywhere

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Mother always said people who are mean are jealous

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They hate us cause they ain't us.

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And it's no mystery why~

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Or he could, y'know, work to improve his shithole country and get the fuck over himself. Retarded prick.

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"but if the blonde eyed devil is born in Mexico he's okay" is what he's missing.

it's hilarious that all their actors are light skin and their best boxer is a ginger that is only a superstar because he's super pale with red hair.

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Ok half white man.

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The average Mestizo is about 20% white

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Anyone who has to rely on skin and eye color to justify the death of their enemy should be drawn and quartered. Even a fake news fact is more rational to me than this shit.

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La Raza means The Race. They are a supremacist organization bent on destroying American culture. They are as unAmerican as could be imagined and I do not understand how they manage to be treated like some civil liberties group rather than like a Mexican KKK.

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