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Why would a mestizo feel any obligation to a society built by whites? This isn't their culture, their people, their heritage. They are invaders. You expect invaders to be grateful that you're surrendering to them?

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No, I expect an invader who doesn't want to be exterminated like an invader to show some basic gratitude, humility, and a desire actually to be here instead of squeezing the money tits for as much milk as possible while hiding like vermin and pretending they belong here.

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Taco niggers don't know the concept of gratitude. They only know force.

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Id rather they keep this shit up so we can wake more people up to reality and deal with them as invaders

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Their media has been poisoned for decades with jew entitlement.

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It's a war, they will not show enemies gratitude, as we wouldn't.

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I'd like to hear an illegal hispanic just say "America is a great country with a great civilization. I am so grateful to be here. I want to become a citizen and join American society so that I can give back to this country to improve it in some way."

The ones who think that come here legally instead. OFC you'll never hear an illegal say that.

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I knew a legal Colombian immigrant. Was thankful as fuck to be American. He also totally hated illegals, because he did it the right way for his whole family.

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Some do, but the vast majority of them are entitled socialists or can't communicate with anyone anyway. The outliers never justify opening floodgates to a horde. But this is a gate that's been open wide for decades. Long enough that it's just a memory of the "long march of history," and not to be questioned.

It's not enough to say that they're ungrateful and disruptive. We need positive statements about ethnostates to take hold.

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"thank you" would also be nice

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Need to end the anchor baby shit...

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And DACA. They're using DACA to extend anchor babyhood to newborns and infants.

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South America is a shit hole because it is filled with shit hole people.

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A lot of the legal immagrants feel this same way about the ones who are coming over illegally.

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Reminder that Pawn (the account) is a paid jewish shill and supports white genocide.

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