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Antifa: Holding a weapon.

Proud Boy: Is the weapon.

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Anti-fa before Proud Boy: Closed mind

Anti-fa after Proud Boy: Open mind!

(It's a terrible joke and I know I'm going to hell.)

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Let's send his family condolences with a nice vegetable basket.

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Aw, it wasn't that bad. You're going to heck, at the worst.

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Estrogen vs. Testosterone. It is not a fair fight.

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God they fucked up Bane so bad.

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Instant Karma.

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I mean if he was part of antifa already maybe he already had the brain hemorrhage

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This would be one of my defense items for sure

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The defense of the cops, for willfully allowing the attack.

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Where's the information on him? Instead of sharing the video we have all seen, post where it says he had a brain hemorrhage.

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Im a local and there has been nothing about this “news”. I just checked all the local news sites and am not finding any info either.

Twitter shows stuff like this: https://mobile.twitter.com/_demog/status/1013691543109001216

If it’s true, it’ll be on the local news tonight as they have no problem showing basic support for Antifa and such.

Edit: FOUND the original tweet that started this shit. He was wrong. BTW, if you look at his feed, you'll see Antifa begging for money to help the wounded. https://twitter.com/areidross/status/1013534870469935105

He also had a video that I hadn't seen yet. You see some serious ass kicking in this thing. Might have to go take a cold shower to get my hard on to go away. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=okJqmoojtcY - this is the receiving end of the the rocks/fireworks being thrown that caused Mr KO to be knocked out.

Oh, and no main stream news media is covering any injured people in Portland that I can find.

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There's so much fake shit going around lately. It's nice to see someone checking these stories.

Thank you goat.

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If this is correct ourguy was released form custody with no charges. https://twitter.com/realDrOlmo/status/1013620560650227712

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As a non-Twitter user what does it mean when I click a Twitter link and it tells me I'm "rate limited" and won't load the page?

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My guess is it is just Antifags being overly dramatic and lying, as is their nature.

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I mean what could they say (how could they spin it) about someone locking up after taking it like that? It happens all the time but people who have never been in an actual fight would not know that.

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Looked on DDG quickly & couldn't find anything about it.

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I think the info came from the Antifi groups twitter.

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Play stupid games win stupid prizes

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play terrorist games, win terrorist prizes.

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self defense

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Looks like he was playing "tag, you're it." Tired Boy was just taking a cat-nap to rest up for the next sprint.

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Legally speaking, don't be so sure. A competent attorney could argue that at the beginning of the clip the proud boy (victim) was actually unjustifiably assaulting the first person who hits the ground. He could then argue that the antifa commie (perpetrator) was actually trying to intercede to stop a crime. It might be enough for a civil case. And I'm sure there are communist groups that are wiling to dump money into legal attack funds, to out-lawyer the victim.

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The Auntefag repeatedly came after him with a deadly weapon with intent to harm.

He had every right to fight back after the first swing, and the second swing that the Auntefag intentionally stepped into.

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was actually unjustifiably assaulting the first person who hits the ground

Good thinking, but - no. The proud boy had stepped pretty far away and was simply relatively passively standing in the street, when the Antifa thug came at him yielding a weapon. So it indeed was a self defense.

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Well good. Consequences are real. They wrote off the Charlottesville fatty as a traffic accident and their inflated self esteem meant it wasn't any of antifa's doing.

This was directly caused from the established and organized plans of antifa. Sadly, I have no other choice but to hope he dies so it drives the point even further into their brain. The antifa people should be charged with his homicide if he bites it because they caused it.

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If anything you only could charge the real initiators and you cant charge them because they literally own the courts.

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Ha ha ha ha....wow, what a hay-baler! That guy really clocked that faggot a good one. Went down faster than Odumbo at a muzlame, sausage fest.

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Haymaker? I've never heard it called a hay-baler. But yea, that dude was swingin for the fences. Good thing he made contact.

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Haymaker is the punch. Hay-baler is the owner of that powerful arm.

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Watch closely. It's like the initial wind up was a fake. Half way through his stance changes, and he hits him with a different momentum. It looks like a fake that leads to a punch.

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Betting that concussion due to back of head bouncing of pavement. Maybe one from the face too. Part of the beauty is the defensive moves that set this up, watch the blocks. Set speed on .25 and watch from 6 thru 8 seconds. A weakly depending on/illskilled in, weapon use, always freezes when disarmed. Dead meat/in the water.

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I think he catches the baton on the second block and just unloads on the Pantifa's face.

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One Punch Patriot

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I would watch that.

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