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The fix is keep your head down and build your LMOE bunker while there's still oil and electricity. Use violence for self-defense, not politics...

If you' or anyway else not licensed for CCW and decide to carry anyway, you're risking your 2A rights (5 years) to a Terry stop. A Terry stop is based on "Reasonable Suspicion" (ie, fucking nothing) and it's legal for the officer to pat you down looking for weapons. Don't leave it in your car either. K9 officers can direct their dogs to 'hit' your car, prompting a legal search, or, if it gets stolen a nigger kills someone, you're going to court murder and it will be hell, even if you prove yourself innocent.

Please be responsible and keep an eye out for violence incitement kikes. They're all over the place nowadays. You're allowed to conceal carry on your property (not your car), and when you're open carrying, 9.5/10 people don't notice it anyways.


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Use violence for self-defense, not politics...

Good thing the Founding Fathers didn't follow your advice.