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European and Asian IQ people could have marketable skills out of High School if the right classes were available. Most of HS is wasted time really.

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no surprise there, people are starting to realize how much of a scam college is now.

it only took about 10 years to completely ruin almost every university.

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When a student loan is more expensive than a mortgage for a house in 85% of the US, you know there's a problem. Start of the bubble finally about to pop?

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An in depth study of reading and writing about the greatest works of literature of human kind would be worth a couple grand a year. What we have now is worth less and costs more.

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What? You mean gender studies, the toxicity of whiteness has no value in the workplace? Color me shocked.

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Color me white

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You forgot problematic.

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Wow how crazy. They think taking out 10s of thousands of dollars in loans and 2-4 years of study should lead to gainful employment. Thats nuts lol.

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Fuck that site, full page blocker asking for white list.

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Right so the girls will learn how to dress provocatively and give head while the boys will be taught how to lift bins and shit the fuck up about harassment and illegal conditions or be fired.

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The most useful class I took in high school was typing. Never once in my life have I needed to know a sine from a cosine.

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Went to a vocational h.s. it was nice, spent 4 periods a day in welding shop. Was rather sad when i found out voc tech high schools werent a thing everywhere.