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Thanks for posting that link to the video!

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It's almost like those in power are trying to create content that they can make films about later.

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no way this wont be cringey

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Eminem is gonna be pissed he didn't make the cut.

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AWFlee HOT COFFeee POT should I pour it on DONald TRUMP

He at least used to bend rhymes in an interesting way, when I first heard that^ I knew Eminem was done

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There's plenty of material for future videos.

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It is just too easy to forget about eminem and never think about him again.

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Probably deliberate

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Needs wheel chair then he will be trotted out lol

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Look at what they (democrats) have done. Pushed and pushed for civil unrest/war. At one time I was a democrat, hated Bush, voted for Obama (just the 1st time), just like Roseanne Barr. The left moved off the page (unhinged). I think people are waking up and their is a HUGE silent majority that are getting behind TRUMP. The deep state may want to sow discord, but they are cementing unity.

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I used to be blue (A liberal, but not by the current definition) and I noticed the further left people got the weaker and stupider they were. I love the idea that they think they can win if it gets violent

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I forget who said this, but it's a great quote: "If you weren't a liberal as a young person, you're heartless. If you aren't a conservative as an adult, you're a fool."

To me, that really rings true. Seems like the more general life experience someone gets, the harder they've worked, the more cold and calculated they become. That's not to save conservative=heartless, but typically it's conservatives who are more willing to roll up their sleeves and get a dirty job done.

I think this has to do with naivete. As kids, we're "young and naive", often idealistic, want to believe the best. But as we reach our mid-late 20s, some of us wake up ("take the red pill") and begin seeing the world for what it is, unclouded by idealism as we were when younger. There's exceptions to this, of course, but it's worth thinking of.

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and I kinda hope they do

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POTUS is playing it right—give the Dims enough rope and they will hang themselves again and again, pulling anyone with a pulse out of mothballs to say outrageous things about our president. In the last week they have trundled out Steven King and even Peter Fonda, who last had a hit in 1969. I'd be surprised if even half the electorate know who Fonda is.

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fonda is now marked as a domestic terrorist.

true story.

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Good, then, good. How about Chatty Cathy?

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Remember when a person said they didn't like or agree with Obuma? People called them racist! Now these ass wipes talk about KILLING the President! KILLING! And their fellow ass wipe Democrats cheer them on? Stupid fucking bitches

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Conservatives may not have liked the 2008 Obama election, but i dont remember seeing riots everywhere. Liberals are just sore losers, and would rather crash the entire country then admit that their policies are unpopular

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...but it's not a joke. These communists are serious and they're here.

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It's important to keep calm and just see these leftist loons as a source of entertainment. Remember after the election when they completely lost their shit? It was wonderful watching them melt down, if you have no other reason to keep on winning, this is it, to watch insane people become unglued.

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Brilliant ad. I hope a lot of people see it.

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