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$100-150 for a 1/4 of high quality stuff isn't bad- typically it costs about $50-60 for 1/8th of quality product when purchased illicitly. I think most users would be fine with paying a little extra to avoid the hassle of doing a drug deal, buying shit that fluctuates in quality every week because their dealer gets different shit.

[–] hwong 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

60 an 1/8th? Good gawd man.... where at?????? what strange times we live in....

[–] midnightblue1335 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

East coast. Always been like that here- probably because it takes longer to transport, thus higher risk, thus people will demand better pay- so when it finally lands in the hands of a dealer, they've gotta jack up the price to turn a profit.

I hear about you west coast faggots all the time- spoiled as fuck. $40 for 1/8 of top notch medical grade or better.

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no that's really bad. in my country 100 is going to get you an ounce of mediocre, 150 will probably be some AAA. around 200 is AAAA but has very diminishing returns over some AAA. You can go online and get these prices, on the street it's going to be around 160-240 for the same product you can get online for 100-150.

I stopped seeing my local guys because they're ridiculously stupid, loud, attract all kinds of attention. I don't even want my number being on their phone when they get picked up. This way it comes in a discrete package, I see my people in the normal discrete way, and there's no irresponsible hoodrat with my number, just some rich internet drug dealer jew who probably has some pretty airtight opsec because he sells thousands of pounds a week and hasn't gone down yet.