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It's because its harder to get a friend to go buy you pot or beer than finding a dealer if its illegal.

The older friend isn't making any money or if they are...its not enough for the hassle. It's a favor and doing it gets old.

As a teen weed even coke was easier to find than gettin booze. Finding a willingly 21 yr old unless you were a girl is near impossible.

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So much this. See, the "forbidden fruit" analogy fits perfectly with drug use, especially the "softer" drugs like pot. By making it a forbidden fruit, teens get curious: "Why is this particular plant so bad to smoke? People seem to enjoy it, it can't be that bad- I'd better try it and see for myself!"

By regulating it like booze, it's still a forbidden fruit of sorts- but the hassle of obtaining it will lead to decreased use among the underage. It's also worth noting the lack of drinking problems in countries with very low drinking ages. Being exposed to something as a young adult in a responsible manner will teach that young person how to behave responsibly as an adult. Forcing them to interact with niggers and scumfuck drug dealers just pushes them out of society onto the fringe- that's how we ended up with the modern left/SJW phenomenon.

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All that sweet sweet tax revenue. All of this needs to appear across all 50 states.

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Why should weed be taxed? What services are the government providing for users and growers that makes a tax fair?

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UH WHOs gonna do all the government mediocrity? Who's gonna warehouse niggers in classrooms so other kids can't learn? Who's gonna put those same blacks in government offices to slow down government?


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It's same as what happened to Facebook. When all the parents and grandparents started doing it the kids went elsewhere. The smart ones anyways.

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Actually I have a theory. The store bought weed is terrible, just fucking awful, compared to the old "BC hydro" that all the illegal grows were doing. (so I've been told) and to get to the quality of the old grows, you have to get into the 100-150$ a quarter at the stores for what was once, 70 bucks a quarter.. Lots of inexperienced growers out there all of a sudden.., not flushing, or using to many chems to cut the grow season.... I think a part of the "market" is going back to the underground stuff because of this... thus not being reported .. ( I know this is happening in Washington state...)

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$100-150 for a 1/4 of high quality stuff isn't bad- typically it costs about $50-60 for 1/8th of quality product when purchased illicitly. I think most users would be fine with paying a little extra to avoid the hassle of doing a drug deal, buying shit that fluctuates in quality every week because their dealer gets different shit.

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60 an 1/8th? Good gawd man.... where at?????? what strange times we live in....

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no that's really bad. in my country 100 is going to get you an ounce of mediocre, 150 will probably be some AAA. around 200 is AAAA but has very diminishing returns over some AAA. You can go online and get these prices, on the street it's going to be around 160-240 for the same product you can get online for 100-150.

I stopped seeing my local guys because they're ridiculously stupid, loud, attract all kinds of attention. I don't even want my number being on their phone when they get picked up. This way it comes in a discrete package, I see my people in the normal discrete way, and there's no irresponsible hoodrat with my number, just some rich internet drug dealer jew who probably has some pretty airtight opsec because he sells thousands of pounds a week and hasn't gone down yet.

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Am a resident in one of the states and have visited many kinds of shops over the last couple years. There is both terrible and amazing store bought weed available. The most expensive weed at any of the stores is occasionally more in the $15-20 a gram range. Plenty of times the weed in the $8-14 range and is arguably as good as the more expensive herb. A lot of times the weed that's $15 has a high THC content (29-30%), manicured very well, excellent smell, taste ect... but the cheaper weed offers much the same except is 18-25% or so. There's really no need for 30% weed unless you are in pain and need to veg out or something. It's a novelty at first but very soon you find you're too stoned to do anything and start to really enjoy 18% THC with 12% CBD or something like that. I guess what I'm saying is you * could * spend $150 on a quarter but I'd say most people prefer not too on the regular. I stopped buying that kind of weed long time ago and wouldn't choose 30% weed even if it was $10 and perfect. Just some observations.

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I'll add it's not too difficult plenty of mid range $3-4 grams if you're willing to drive across town to whatever shop sells that deal. There's so many different stores and sales and promotions and deals. If you can imagine the scenario and price it's probably out there.

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You heard wrong. Government grown weed is horrible, store bought weed is mostly from people with dubious licenses, growing over their limit or outright illegal. and it's FIRE for 100-200 an OZ

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Are you the same ronpaul2012 that got kicked by dustlesswalnut and ElLechero, the two radical leftist moderators from the r/Denver Sub reddit?

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Hah I am. That was disappointing to be shut out of the conversation in your own town. That sub is like the eighth circle of hell though. Not that it matters but I burnt about 8000 comment karma there working to promote alternative views...

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Nice to see you again. It was a good fight brother.

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Reddits gay. Get back there niglet

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Take the nigger dick out your ass you kike wiped fuck wit faggot.

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...Isn't this what most people said would happen all along? Remove the "illegal" tag and it loses a lot of the intrigue and desire for people to try it in the first place. Just make it clear what it is and how it works and let people make up their own minds. Just like how free speech is supposed to work.

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That’s right Bubbles

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1) Legalize it, 2) kill off all of the jews so they cant use hollywood to push retarded stoner culture on our kids, 3) make fun of stupid stoners and call them faggots every chance you get.

Easy peasy.

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I hope vapeing actually increases cancer, so many faggots use that shit and stink the place up with huge fucking clouds of vapor.

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