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a jew has financial ties to Israel

Who would have ever fucking guessed.

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The immediate downvote on an article negative towards the Zionist Trump Admin. Jews are on this site attempting narrative control. Look at the top posts always being pro-trump and always posted by the same individuals such as @Scrooblemeyer and @Joker68

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Voat has become le_donald 2.0. Sad!

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If you aren't happy with President Trump then who would you be happier with being President at this time?

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Jews are on this site attempting narrative control.

That’s by design. Putt wants it like this.

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It’s insane more goats can’t notice it. The constant barrage of non-important celebs “bashing Trump”, the endless “investigations”, no one is discussing the US bombing Syrian government forces. No one is paying attention to the Jewish plan to eliminate debt-free countries that are not enslaved to jewish banks.


The jews are here and you and I have caught on.

@cheesboogersghost @jesusrules check this shit out. Jews are sliding this thread with diwnvoats.

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I'm not a Jooooo, or anything close to it, you double jointed donkey dick. It must suck to think you see a Jooooo everywhere you look & thinking about all those Jooooos living rent free in your head! If you aren't happy seeing pro Trump news or opinions then you should head back over to one of the fagchans or that stormwanker website. Then you won't be so easily triggered by someone posting articles that are positive about Trump.

Groupthink is for low IQ mouth-breathing jagoffs who can't think for themselves. This is Voat, where people think for themselves and can up-vote AND down-vote because they are allowed to have their own opinions. See how that works? So stop being a whiny little bitch and stop crying about getting down-votes just because you don't want your Joooo hatred being questioned.

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Group think, and yet you continue a non stop barrage of pro-trump content. I’m calling you faggots out and shining a spotlight on the fact this site is actively hostile to any criticism of the narrative

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Deport his ass.