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Some animals do that, buffalos in africa, when the lions make their lives too miserable, they go for the lions cubs and they stomp them all to death, and then the lions are like "Uh... It's gone it's all gone, the whole family tree is gone..."

Saw it in a documentary

I guess it's only fair game, as it probably rarely happens, buffalos just can't take it anymore as a group, the alphas go insane mode and they finally decide to end the shit once and for all

So I don't consider it "gross", personally, it's only the ultimate logical next step in the escalation game in the end, total war, hit the kids/next generation

No what's ridicule/gross/typically "liberal" here, is that they pretend to be willing to go for it over a fucking bowl of nothing noodles, like murdering the whole country over a parking ticket or some shit

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Total war is what you do when your way of life is threatened and invites escalation to that level by the other end if they haven't gotten to that point already.

Total war of liberal retards vs conservatives would not be a fair fight, and would completely implode the nation and allow the next budding power to take America's dominant position over.

It is a horrible, horrible thing that as a nation we should come to only as a very last resort, because on the net everyone loses, even the winners.

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Anders is that buffalo.

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Unless they are illegal aliens.. then, they get free gibs or you're "racist"..

If we were arrested in Mexico for illegal activity, would they be yelling about us being separated from our children? If we were arrested in America for illegal activity, would they be yelling about us being separated from our children?

They have a mental disorder!

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I remember when mexican authorities separated a marine from his family and we got crickets from leftturds

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Look at what these types of twats did to the Romanovs.

They deserve to be slaughtered.

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Our gov is doing far, far worse than words to children as we speak. You guys are fucking gaslighted deep.

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This is how I know I'm getting old, because this is morally repugnant to me. I'm a gen x'er and I remember when fuck was a bad word and nigger wasn't.

I've adapted to the modern world well enough when it comes to that sort of thing. But fuck a nigger with a brick, I cannot accept that threatening child rape is OK.

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Wow. They don't know when to quit, do they? I swear they're trying to intentionally provoke all of us.

On a serious note, did any one ever threaten any of the Obama's children before? I would think adults would have the sense to leave children out of it. But apparently that's thinking too much of them.

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We should take (((them))) up on the provocation. I don't think they've thought this through very well.

(((They))) are probably thinking that they have 100million+ supporters, versus our ~80million ideologues.

WHat they haven't taken into account is that White men are fucking brutal, when they are brutal.

THe shit my Grandfather did in WWII!

We've got heavily armed, rational men. (((They))) have soy boi man children, and niggers.

We should take them up on their offers of violence. It's going to come to that anyhow, or we will be done as a society/race.

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You don't need to be heavily armed to be more than effective. A couple or few competent and skilled men could do wonders against this leftist infestation. They'd need some money for various tools, equipment, and supplies, but stealth and secrecy are the way to go.

Is Peter Fonda surrounded by armed guards 24/7? No. He probably even sleeps in a known location at night... What if the power went out to his neighborhood (+ unexplained cell interference) and he decided to take a massive dose of heroin? Or more plausible, decided to add himself to this list: https://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-who-died-of-erotic-asphyxiation/reference

A non-penetrating taser might be the only weapon needed, although some backup would be wise in case of the unexpected..

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Pat Dussault had 2500 twitter followers, He's a nothiong looking to be someone.

His Agency's phone number in Toronto is: 416 972 9542

In Vancouver his Agency's number is: 604 283 3850

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Their gangs of genderfluid marxists and low IQ pets will get avalanched by an organized militia of American patriots.

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On a serious note, did any one ever threaten any of the Obama's children before?

Sure. And as bad as the Obama children are, keep the parent's political position out of it. Children just go for the ride and don't deserve to be subject to threats because someone politically disagrees with their parents

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People grow up to be copies of their parents more often than you believe.

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Never anybody high profile and never met with silence and yawns from entire right wing establishment.

Huge difference, they FEEL we deserve it!

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Their arrogance will prove fatal for them. I'll put money on that.

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Fonda is a pedo.

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Bingo! Wish we had a special prize for you!

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I would doxx the guy threatening Chloe, but I don't know how to hack the info.

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"mr.dussault is not an employee here. i have to go now"

ahahahaha he might gotten fired over this

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Liberals will double down on stupid in a heartbeat. Its just what they do.

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When we breaking out the torches and pitchforks to burn Pedowood to the fucking ground, piss on it, then shit, burn that and then drop a nuclear MOAB on it?

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Go home, Merlin, you're stoned again!

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I'm not stoned enough it seems, as I never smoked or injected whatever the fuck these pedophile fruit cakes did.

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They're gonna keep doing shit like this until something is done about it and Jack fuck is being done about it. That's why this shit keeps spreading and getting worse.

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