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[–] BigMatteson 4 points 15 points (+19|-4) ago 

Easy Rider sucked ass. Neck yourself.

[–] New_FoundingFathers 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Lol too true and its so old nobody remembers that shit ass movie anymore anyways

[–] Hand_of_Node 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Everyone who wasn't late to show up to this planet remembers it.

[–] Nietzsche__ 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

You too sweetcake.

[–] BigMatteson 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Muh 60s iconography and hero worship

How does it feel knowing your heroes are pedos and hedonists, Boomer?