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Yeah we all know that the pedowood faggots want to kidnap little boys.

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Someone on the Chans dropped this little pedo nugget:


Romantic drama following the fortunes of a drifter named Beaudray Demerille (Peter Fonda)
who wins a young orphan named Wanda (13-year-old Brooke Shields) in a poker game and
takes her gold prospecting in the Grand Canyon.

Stars: Peter Fonda, Brooke Shields, Fiona Lewis

Director: Peter Fonda


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from an IMDB review:

The story itself is nevertheless disturbing. Brooke Shields and her character were 13 years old here, and Fonda and his character were 38. There is no way to mistake or misinterpret the implied intended love interest between them, especially with them riding off into the sunset with one another, which is what we are left with, him 38 and her 13, together, that way, end of story. Beaudray is clearly not Wanda's father figure, guardian, big brother, or business partner.

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I'm assuming he's upset because his regular pizza delivery guy is short on supply. Barron is probably his type. Any missing boys around Fonda's houses that have/had approximately the same features as Barron?

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If WE stooped low enough to make such a vile online comment as what the fondathing wrote, WE would be investigated by the Secret Service, (possibly) arrested, tried, and (probably) convicted. But you watch, the fondathing will apologize/say its comments were "out of context"/etc etc, and it will get off scotfree. Remember when the ugly old hag formerly known as madonna openly talked about blowing up the White House (January2017)? The remark was investigated, but the madonnathing was not prosecuted....And predictably, it described its remarks as "taken out of context". But a nobody stripper around that same time expressed a wish that Trump would die , not even that he'd be assassinated , but just die, and she got a visit from the Secret Service and fired from both her day job AND her "burlesque" gig. Who is more likely to have a fan who might act against the POTUS, if he thinks it would please his idol, the madonnathing or a nobody stripper in Bumfuck, Nowhere? Once you've achieved a certain amount of fame and wealth, you are literally above the law, and they no longer feel a compuction to disguise this.

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Justice is not blind but definitely has a no limit bank account setup for deposit only!

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yes,peter fonda will spend one week in weinstein spa rehab clinic eheh

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Daily mail (UK) just reported that fonda has apologized. So that will be the end of that.

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I was shocked and dismayed to see this.

I thought Peter Fonda died years ago.

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Goes to show if you have fame and money you can do whatever you want. Just don't support Trump.

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Good. Melania is doing what mothers should do. Protecting her son, her children from pedophilac monsters like Peter Fonda. She should have the US Secret Service perform an investigation into Hollywood and their actors. Actors who have active lives in pedophilia.

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may the wrath of all that is good in the world destroy this disgusting man

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Why isn't this DANGEROUS PEDOPHILE behind bars wearing a orange jump suit???

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Another fuckin' Hollywood dickhead.

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