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[–] smittieaj 1 points 16 points (+17|-1) ago 

To be fair to the population, most of us would prefer due process, then firing squad.

[–] Caesarkid1 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago 

I wonder what would have happened if the founding fathers waited on due process.

[–] smittieaj 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago 

There is a time for patience and lawyers, and a time for revolution. The trick is to know the time. Right now, the lefties are digging their own graves. I'm not going to stop them. I hate digging anyway.

[–] WestEnd99 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

You end up with Canada or Australia?

[–] lissencarak 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

It is probably illegal to argue the opposite on a public forum, so I am sure nobody here would.

[–] vonbacon 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

I think all manner of civility will go out the window when the masses wake up to the lies and treason these kike cocksuckers have done.