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Yes.. it was quite a spectacle to see the MSM bring out Sanford as the voice of reason against Trump's 'madman' tactics, after using him to mock the GOP for the better part of a year, after his worldwide sex and divorce tour as Governor.

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Honestly I'm more surprised his political career didn't end after his little mysterious trip off to Argentina to cheat on his wife during his term as Governor.

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Choo Choo motherfucker. Get gud or get gone

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Serves the bastard right, Sanford is a disgrace

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Not sure how he still had a job anyway but she has those crazy eyes. At least she leans the right way.

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Buying into bullshit Hegelian dialectic is why we are in this mess. Please stop and analyze each issue within the context of its complete system, and realize political parties are just as evil as Washington warned about.

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Why would we stop winning when we are winning so much, and so easily?

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Hope to see more of this