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And if they do manage to pass this crap, you will see Trump's first use of the Presidential VETO

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100%. They don't have the 2/3rd to get the override. This will just be virtue signalling and an attempt to make POTUS look bad.

Ryan will fall hard from grace.

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lol, keep living in that fantasy world of yours where Trump doesn’t fellate jews and actually wants to deport anyone.

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Day of the rope will come. They are propping up the system as long as they can to avoid the inevitable.

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Ryan is Deep State

and will get the rope

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Paul Ryan is clearly a Democrat wearing Republican clothing

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It's not going to change the voting either way. Any alien that wanted to vote did so anyway [as many times as they wanted] and they're not going to suddenly vote red just because one more law they've broken is legal now.

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Are there any polls in america that say we want to legalize illigals in america? Are politicians pushing what their constintuis want or are democrats purly doing this to get votes??? If no polls show this is what the majority want this is false representation borderline treason and the issue needs to be raised.. why the fuck are american politicians pushing to help criminals?

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This is disgusting



Generally, amnesty is defined as any governmental pardon for past offenses or crimes, especially political ones. Granting amnesty goes beyond a pardon, in that it forgives the said offense completely, and typically without consequences.

For purposes of conservative politics, amnesty is a political term typically associated with two major issues: immigration and capital punishment.

As it relates to immigration, amnesty is the term used for granting automatic citizenship to resident aliens, who are in the United States illegally. Amnesty for illegal immigrants is the subject of tremendous controversy since it essentially bypasses the citizenship and assimilation process essential to all legal immigration into the United States.

Fuck that shit entirely, this is election rigging plain and simple

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And you faggots thought you were winning? Lol, jewed again.

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Ryan has always been Jew puppet and this is his last act of treason.

This shit will be VETOED.

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Jesuit puppet.

I know its hard to get it through your thick skulls, but the jews arent the only bad guys on this planet.

And they sure arent the top bad guys.

Long noses work for the Vatican. Not the other way around.