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This is the same retard mayor that sailed around in a motorized boat pretending to help people by standing in the middle of an empty and flooded street pretending to signal people/cars/boats that weren't there with a professional camera crew.

This bitch is faker than her tumblr glasses.

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And on the other hand, he doesn't provide his administration with a clear set of goals to help Puerto Rico.

Coming from the cunt that held supplies from her people during a disaster to making a political statement. Not only that fuck Puerto Rico. You are in a hurricane zone but are completely unprepared. All they do is wait for mainland to come fix their shit. They don't even pay taxes.

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Never send a cunt to do a man's job.

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PR is a fucking shit hole. As a fed I had to issue checks to people who added no value to get federal buildings upgraded. After spending way too much time in PR, in general the people are fucking lazy human garbage. Got a really offer to stay there permanently, but I had kids and did not want them growing up with the garbage. .

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It's the "Mañana culture" ... pretty much everywhere in the Caribbean and south of Texas.

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So if I'm reading this article right... She got the supplies she needed, sat on them, and blamed Trump because "he didn't help".

Is that correct?

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she was holding the supplies for the highest bidder

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What a cunt

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She did do that, yes

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oi vey look at her precious little problem glasses

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I know. She looks the part. Has her corrupt cronies pushing her as a respectable mayor. Nothing but garbage. One day even poor countries wont be able to stop phones and the internet.

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I remember that stupid nasty bitch when that disaster was happening. She stood behind pallets of supplies and said that they weren't getting any help or words to that effect.

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Trump curse activated

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Puerto Rico is basically what would happen if America annexed a random swath of Mexico.

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