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I'd rather we remove the benefits single moms get for daycare and medicaid. That shits costs us tens of thousands per single-mom a year. Not even kidding, look up the numbers and see how much fucking money we give away to those degens.

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How about both?

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Because ending one ends facilitating the mass culling of other tribes during a critical demographic war, ending the other disadvantages members of those tribes.

The majority of planned parenthood abortions are on non-whites.

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I know people that were brought into this world solely for the welfare benefits of having a kid. It's a very broken system.

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You're right. If we were playing for keeps, we'd allow minorities and libtards to abort their own children. It's an urban legend that normal/Christian girls even get abortions.

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But he's not exactly doing this to save money. He's doing it out of his fundamental opposition to abortion.

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This is from Mar 31, 2017. wtf

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god damnit wtf

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Abort all the brown babies.

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Would simply killing the mothers not make the process you suggest much simpler and more efficient?

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Break out the coat hangers goys.

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Jews will supply the coat hangers. Great non--Jew women will be manipulated to tear their precious bodies apart. You will laugh. Deceiver.

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As long as the "non-jew women" are also non-white, I'm fine.

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So Mike pence just cast the deciding vote for States to implement crime waves 15 years from now.

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Original Arcticle: http://www.theamericanmirror.com/mike-pence-casts-tie-breaking-vote-allowing-states-defund-planned-parenthood/

DATE: MARCH 30 2017......

This is old news. This seems like a post to see if Voaters pay attention to dates of news.

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Nine times out of ten, I find that the goats here (whom I love to death) tend to follow herd mentality and just act based on titles. They might be right but act uncorrelated to the post's actual substance.

I find myself frequently heading straight to the comments to see what's up with an article, particularly when I don't recognize the source. Usually, I hope to find a comment like yours. It's kind of like the thing about "the fastest way to find an answer to a question on the internet is to post the wrong answer."

And that's my two cents.

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Two cents well spent. I find the same as well man. I try not to follow the herd. I don't like being led to slaughter. It might be that I am older or just more skeptical but thanks for the response and I am glad that the time I take to point this stuff out at least helps one person. Makes it worth it.

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