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Gowdy wont do shit bcus he is a good goy cuck just like sessions.

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Yup. Gowdy markets himself as being all about law and order and beyond reproach, but dig a little and he stinks as bad as the rest.

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He likes to yell and do nothing after

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I've actually seen Sessions do more, since he has said that he has already gotten dedicated prosecutors and grand juries convened for the various "Hillary email"/"FBI Corruption" investigations (meaning that he has already gathered the evidence and built up a case around it), we still regularly have massive multi-state busts of pedophile rings, and we have already seen at least 3 leakers get arrested and charged for their crimes (out of a minimum of 27 different investigations that Sessions said his DoJ was conducting against leakers). Look up "canary trap"/"barium meal", and look at how the 3 (publicly) arrested leakers were caught in this era of "Fake News".

Gowdy is just a bag of hot air who likes to make sound clips that seem tough on crime, even as he bends over backwards to avoid actually doing anything about it.

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Fuck gowdy he’s trying to get a job after he’s out

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I must be missing half of the article because none of the sentences were actual sentences.

"Missing email and records, resignations all because Hillary didn’t win, but truth is. Not all records and Trump is moving forward draining the swamp and exposing those who can remember the lies they told in the past."

What the fuck does that mean?

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It's because it's a worthless garbage blog with posts generated by bots by ripping from other sources without credit. Shady chinese bullshit

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That's kind of what I figured. Also, that no one else in this thread has read the "article".

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It means. The article was. Written by Christopher. Walken.

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It's written with that Liberal Arts confidence?

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Fuck Trey Gowdy. Faggot piece of shit

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Oh no. Time for Trey to look cranky and indignant again on Fox News. Then off to collect his payoffs for being controlled opposition and blocking an actual investigation when he "retires" in a few months.

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Who cares. The longer they just pretend to be doing something, and the more non whites they bring in, the closer we get to a final showdown. It won't be a right and left thing, it can only be a race war (because everyone's in a uniform of skin and the left are cowards) and the whites will win. That ends with all of the elites being killed.

That article read like an English as a second language essay.

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Too many brainwashed whites for your race war, not happening.

[–] gazillions 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

It's easier than that. We know how many people it takes. The brainwashed leftists are inconsequential.

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I have no use for Trey Gowdy since he attacked Trump. Gowdy always was a do-nothing blowhard, but now he's a traitorous do-nothing blowhard.

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Yeah, and she's still free. Go on...

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When and where did we get all these guys against Trey Gowdy? I remember when Voat fell in love with the man.

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