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Love it. The TV in the old folks home is hilarious!

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Probably watching CNN.

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i love this website

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Sadly this whole thing is a play orchestrated by the elite. These are actors playing their parts.

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But drumpf da god and totally not kikecocksucker! Oh wait... he is not... it's just a play.

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Political theatre. Just like the “trade war” with Canada.

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Anyone got a video link when she said that? I want to watch it a thousand times in a row and piss myself laughing. What a cunt.

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Think it was the second debate.

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Do we have the video to go with this?

WTB techno remix pls.

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Well she was wrong for the wrong reasons.

It required someone who could dismantle the deep state.

An experienced diplomat would have torn their hair out trying to figure this out.