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What a joke. Blacks love to escalate petty shit. They are the problem. They will learn.

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The cops will learn when residents stop calling them, and bodies start appearing in the gutter.

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That's how they should deal with everything. I'm a firefighter, so i interact with the police regularly. They escalate shit constantly. You'll be talking to them, and suddenly they will snap into "work mode" and they'll be shouting at people who've just crashed their cars. Almost all of them seem like savage animal idiots.

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They have to handle themselves a certain way to routinely do the work that they do. Anyone who isn't a cop and doesn't work in that context will not understand, and that's all it comes down to. They speak the way they do, and use the words they do for a very tactical reason, and its because it saves officer lives. The idea that you can simply de-escalate every situation and that this is the mainline for contact officers is going to get cops killed. The reason so many interactions with blacks tend to escalate is because blacks are more violent/aggressive. They essentially default further along the continuum in most cases. If you want good cops, you need cops who live. If things continue to get worse for cops, you'll only feed a cycle of attracting less suitable officers.

Consider the fact that tactically, officers are already at a disadvantage in literally any interaction. Anyone can get the jump on a cop. Their behaviors are known. They are always clearly marked and identifiable. It is extremely easy to kill a cop because they have to put themselves in close proximity to criminals, in highly emotional situations (sometimes with one party facing jail, or jail again), and they literally have to wait for the first move. They can only react. Think about that situation.

I understand the use of common sense to de-escalate situations where it is possible. And I agree. But maintaining an assertive dominance of a situation linguistically is a preventative measure that saves officer lives. FBI has shown since the early 90s that the more polite the cop, the higher likelihood they are killed or assaulted. Harsh reality. Harsh job.

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It's almost like if you decide to use your weapon you should shoot the target until it can't do anything to you in response

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Oh no a hose jockey who hates cops. Color me shocked.

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I'll have you know that I hated the police before I signed up. Also I'm a volunteer in a small town, not a career firefighter, so there isn't that rivalry like in cities. A good chunk of the firefighters are cops. They're usually the biggest assholes in the department, so I'm not surprised when I find out that they are deputies.

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What? Jews are turning big cities in white nations into niggerfest zones? YOU DON'T SAY.

I literally had a black dude a while back tell me there are bad people in every race. You have a 100% white towns with VASTLY lower crime rates than 100% nigger towns.


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So if one person commits a crime in front of police, say striking another individual, the police are supposed to ask everyone to calm down and as long as they do, no arrests? Seems weird

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Outrage as Philly pushes through ban on bulletproof glass in crime-plagued neighborhood shops http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/07/outrage-as-philly-pushes-through-ban-on-bulletproof-glass-in-crime-plagued-neighborhood-shops.html

I bet the clerks and cashers will be needing a lot of "De-escalates and Mediations"..................................

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The only way to de-escalate a nigger is with superior force.

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How many of the cops are white? I always wonder in these stories.

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Philly is a lot like Baltimore demographically so if it's like here about 50% of the city cops are white. Soon as you cross out of the city 70% or more will be white. Turns out white people don't like dealing with criminal niggers.

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Seems like the kind of training you try a couple of times and then revert to the old way of doing things because it's not practical. Plus cops can't be held accountable because they can't have a good reason to avoid risky situations. If they can't fearlessly defend themselves, they can't show up to a gun fight until it's over.

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