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They're not wrong, we let the various types of niggers that commit murder stay in the country.

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This reasoning is the reason no one mentions IQ anymore. You cannot have a reasonable conversation about Intelligence in a politically correct environment. It will always tend to include race which then makes it "raycisss" to say anything about correlation.

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Being the suspects? How about being the perpetrators?

[–] BigFatDaddy 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Were the niggers wearing red hats? Apparently niggers get a pass from the 'alt-right" for any sort of degenerate behavior as long as they wear red hats and claim to like Trump.

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Simply Wearing Red does not make you a Trump supporter. If you are tired of being Poverty Pimped by the Democrat party, why not try voting Republican? Black unemployment lowest in history under Trump.

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Hey now, don't be a "gate-keeper". You're going to go into a "purity spiral" talking like that. As long as those "based youths" vote GOPe, they're still welcome in a "diverse america", right? You don't want to be "racist" do you? Think of your "optics".

Jeez, next you'll tell me you wouldn't let your daughter date one of those fine young magapedes. /s

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I really don't think the majority of the alt-right has fallen for the based nigger bullshit.

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I automatically assume anyone who calls themselves "alt-right" is a faggot cuck.

The rest of us are White Nationalists.

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yes indeed then it is certainly permissible to commit allsorts of fuckery as long as the red maga cap has been donned

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Those who don the red cap should hold themselves to a higher standard, the standard of American exceptionalism, an old but not so archaic notion.

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"Muh based niggers."

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You're a fucking idiot

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What, you don't like me talking bad about your "based niggers"? Are you worried about our "optics"?

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"...96 percent (or perhaps higher) of these 52,175 homicides have a non-white suspect." Where does this stat come from if anyone knows. It isn't from the wp. I know black/brown people kill a lot more than whites but that seems a bit high. I can't go around quoting this stat to my friends because they aren't idiots and will ask where I got my data from.

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1st lesson in MSM never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Truth really sells, Fairy stories sell 10 times more than reality.

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Every unsolved murder is white people as white people are documented to be more intelligent. Every unsolved crime must have been them

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WaPo is (((CIA))). It's one prong in a multi pronged information war.

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