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Sexual degeneracy, rape and pedophilia is normal jewish culture.

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Hijacking to say this:

We don't know who he is at all other than he's a paid actor. We also know Hollywood has been a cesspool for a very long time so he probably knew what he was getting into even back in the day.

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Robert De Niro to star this month in "Raging Baby". You guessed it. It is just like Raging Bull except this is what happens when a whining baby liberal get punched in the face.

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FUCK ZIONISM, how about that tough guy?

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I play a macho tough guy in the movies...but in real life, my job is to put on make-up and a costume and read words someone else wrote while kiss-ass assistants pamper me like a ballerina.

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The nose knows. He's the semitic italian type.

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His mother is of jewish descent. His grandmother was full jew.

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punchy de niro used to be hero now he's a liberal slob

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The whole fuck trump resistance thing is so weak. It's worse when musicians do it. You're supposed to be rebellious and dangerous but you spout the most comformist, safest beliefs? Not very punk rock

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It takes zero courage to echo establishment views to the establishment.

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I'm a punk rocker, but I'm old now. Old and wise. Being older means I'm smarter even though I have the exact same opinions that I did when I was an edgy teenager.


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well fucking said.

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