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EU getting red pilled?

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I'd love to see a hellfire missile hit the bow of that ship.

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It's time to grab the rope, they've invaded EuROPE... And what do the Natives {of/to Europe} need more rope? Not enough pitchforks? Torches....?

When someone goes after Eu-rope though, I though that's when you grab your gun?

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UKIP has undergone a quite powerful lurch to the right under Batten's leadership, but it's been totally ignored by the Media. In the UK, UKIP is seen as a spent force and basically not worth listening to - unless it's some corruption or sex scandal.

Batten's speech in the EU Parliament was incredible, and it's something that traditionally would've come from the more nationalist voices in the Parliament rather than from UKIP, who had always been focused on independence & democracy more than on hammering immigration.

UKIP may be wise to try and gather together the EFDD parties along with the ENF's parties and try and form some sort of united nationalist bloc in the EU Parliament before Brexit. It'd be a worthwhile endeavor, especially considering the new Italian government is made up of both ENF and EFDD parties.

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The jeering MPs are all Soros soldiers. At any other time they would have been forced to duck a hail of bullets where they sit.