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Our Country's Biggest Enemy Is the Fake Jews, of the Khazar Ashkanazi brand.

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Not just the bias. What they don't report. To the point of treason

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I don't get it, he's facilitates and validates fake news by letting them attend his conferences and shit.

This is another "give me more Fame" move. Can we please move on?

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How is he supposed to stop the free press from attending? He’s a public servant.

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You're either pretending to not understand (could even be on Trump's payroll) or you don't have enough information to comment.

Either way not worth engaging

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He can't even block people on twitter, how do you think it would go if he banned entire outlets? He would have to stoop to the lefts level by encouraging censorship and on top of that they would start years of attacks for his "political bias". Imagine if another obombya came into office and banned all right wing news for being "hate news".

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Pseudo-empathetic comment ignored

See here for further info that (probably) applies to you