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Whenever you put women in charge of the news everything just becomes emotional hysterics and moral finger-wagging. Women can't tell the difference between a fact and an opinion and CNN capitalizes on this all day long.

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bro, where the fuck did all these TRANNIES in the MSM come from?

It's a god damn Gay Pride Parade in the MSM these days !!

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I cant wait until Elon's reporter tracker is adopted by the masses. I worked on something similar but it was ddosed to death and I gave up. I'd love to be able to bring attention to a reporters inaccuracies when I hear someone bring up their latest reports.

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At this point, I basically assume every negative article about Trump is fake news

No critical thinking required!

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That's fucking retarded. Guess you'll forever believe Trump can do no wrong. Nice.

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I think he's not brutal enough to his enemies

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No, jews/Israel and their traitorous goys are the biggest enemy in America.

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I think everyone knows who controls the fake news.

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Er,I don't like where this is going...

-Some Rothschild

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Who, Elon, who?

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The MSM are literally guilty of treason

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yes… people are waking up !!

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Reporting treason doesn't make them guilty of it just because your guy is the perp.

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go back to reddit you niggerfaggotjewcunt

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If the US had a true free press many questions would have been asked in the early 2000s regarding the calamitous invasions of Afghanistan, and particularly Iraq. Could those invasions have happened with a free press speaking truth to power? Would those invasions have been political suicide if a well informed public understood the scope and motivation of the lies? 16 years on, millions of innocents dead, an entire region destabilised and spreading that destabilisation to Europe as we speak. Trump has a point, fake news has a price tag, and its not cheap.

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I actually am a desert storm vet that had become a Saddam Hussein fan. I'm beginning to realize he was simply a nationalist like many of us all along

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I was in Thailand last year and was drinking on the street in bangkok so got talking to some hookers (don't judge, its bangkok) some of whom were from Uganda. They insisted the portrayal of idi amin in the west is entirely false, and that word nationalist kept coming up too. Nationalists seem to be painted as evil in the west, almost as though nationalism is in opposition to some somewhat subversise agenda...

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And then u guys should move east. Far east.

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The last time there was open and objective reporting on US warfare was in Vietnam, and it became a disaster for the hawks and the military-industrial complex. Reporters have since been kept at a tight leash, only shown what the US military wants them to see, and have often been fed with outright forgeries and fake facts. Operation Desert Storm was the worst offender in this regard, with the fact that more US soldiers were killed by friendly fire than by the enemy only revealed after it was already over.

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Is that maybe being changed by the force of the information age? I'm not american so very rarely see any US news, but the below honestly warmed my heart when I first saw it (as did his follow up with some congress hawk who compared him to Putin for asking uncomfortable questions). One man speaking truth to power can change the world, as happened with Martin Luther in the 16C.


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not to mention the 9/11 crap

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(((fake news)))

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I have my gripes with Trump. But I still get a big smile on my face when he attacks the JudenPresse

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Ready to have your heads explode over nuclear levels of retardation and willful blindness?


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One of the comments defending the MSM as if they aren't completely and totally full of shit. How can one be so stupid and still be breathing?

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The FCC is going to have to do something at some point.

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Don't worry adjit Pai has the citizens best interest mind!!!!

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