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So far so good. He could fuck up at any minute. Or the NWO could finally break the glass on whatever nasty little last-ditch surprise they've been incubating.

Enjoy this but stay frosty faggots.

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If they make armed revolt the only option, so be it.

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Anyone that does is out of touch and extremely gullible, both are bad in public officials.

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Interesting read. Let's see how it goes.

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Even so, I agree with OP. Trump is on his way to being supported by All MSM, so Jews can continue the massacre in building Greater Israel. Being a Yuge Zionist, Trump is bulletproof, and will not be assassinated or lose any elections while he works for these Jewish Zionist terrorists. They will tear down Obama & Hillary legacies to keep Israel-first Trump propped up. We all know muh Russia is fake, while real stories that could hurt Trump are hidden : the Lolita express, using Weinstein's Israeli PI firm Black Cube etc.

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don't fucking care.

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Duh. Trump is an extraordinary high approval rating president. Only retard liberals and cuckservatives think attacking him is a good idea.

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reminder that patrick little jew is a mossad psyop.

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Do tell.

I mean, show something to back up that claim please.

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He is either a literal retard to run as a neo Nazi in California or he is a plant to make Republicans be a target for the term racist. I believe it's the second