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Yeah, this isn't actually new info, although I don't know how well known this is, in general. I still see/hear about people using it. It was shown long ago how skewed it was and how unprofessional it was as well.

I don'[t know if there are any other sources that are actually like snopes, but genuine and factual. I've never bothered to look, because everything today seems like it's little more than a fresh ball of shit wrapped in a nice candy coating.

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Facts have to be vetted. Any site that claims to be factual while billing itself as above reproach should never be trusted from the start. This is how you know that most so-called fact-checking sites are started by libtards. They are constantly trying to enforce their fictitious authority fallacies and butthurt ideology by seizing the moral high ground of 'science' and 'fact'.

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Jewish propagenda is snopes

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Factcheck.org denounces this inforgraphic: https://www.factcheck.org/2018/03/meme-falsely-claims-exposed-snopes-com/

Also this information is dated. Snopes has employees now after it got an external investor, Proper Media. There is still a power struggle after the owner David Mikkelson got divorced, his ex-wife sold her shares to Proper Media and Proper tried to take over the site. https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/24/snopes-seeks-crowdfunding-in-ownership-battle/

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so, basically Snopes is totally untrustworthy, but for other reasons.

got it.

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No, OP is spreading fake info.

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Counter card in Debates when Snopes is played I play this meme everytime. Pinned a folder for memes like this for quick access.

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I like to check Snopes. Sometimes they give a straightforward and correct explanation. Sometimes they dance around and attack a strawman with paper-thin rationalizations. In its way, it's still a decent way to figure out if something is true.

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Only idiots would believe this-you don't belong on Voat if you are this stoopid or more likely a schill

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I dated Brooke Binkowski in my senior year of High School. And lived with her briefly after High School. She is incredibly intelligent and she is definitely not evil. She and I aren't on speaking terms any more but the last few times we e-mailed after she became Managing Editor at Snopes, she seemed normal.

I don't think she has an agenda, at the same time I don't trust Snopes. Sometimes things aren't black and white.

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Yeah and my Uncle was at Sandy hook he totally spoke to EMTs and everything.