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Bribery and corruption.

Hang them all.

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A real attitude adjustment

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Sharpen the guillotines.

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Rope is cheaper.

And more humiliating.

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Insider trading, and I'm not joking.

Me and you go to jail for insider trading. Congress people are allowed to do it.

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If I remember, it has something to do with congress scum being protected from insider trading because they are directly in the action, and can't avoid it. I find it interesting since the DOD guidelines state you CAN NOT use private or confidential information, and act on that information, without repercussions.

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GL proving insider trading. They tell their friends that tell their friend that you are going to change a law, the friend's friend positions themselves to cash out on the lawchange, a few months later you get a nice donation to your foundation. Yay!

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They sell a product, that product is... the american people.

[–] HighEnergyLife 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

Insider trading is legalized for them

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I've never once given to a foundation. I only give money when someone in the local community needs help, typically because of a tragedy.

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Congress should have to live off of minimum wage

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Pay to play. Just ask Hillary

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