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Why is (((Ben Stein))) in this? I don't see quotation marks, so why have a Jew shown being reasonable here?

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Because of the ceaseless wave of boomer-esque shills on voat now. Everything's all about MUH EVIL DEMS which we all know is a retarded stance to take when the system is rigged on both sides for the Jews. I think the kikes finally realized that the easiest way to ruin voat is to turn it into /r/The_Donald.

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Bingo bango right on point.

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50% of democrat money comes from Jewish sources

25% of republican money comes from Jewish sources

Do you want your political party Jewed or half-Jewed, goy?

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Ben Stein supported bombing of commies in Cambodia. Ben Stein did nothing wrong.

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Couldn't tell from the imgur link

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(((Bill Maher))) and (((Ben Stein))) both should exercise their Right of Return and leave this place.

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(((Stein))) is nothing but a Zionist shill. I downvoat each one of these cancerous postings. But of all people, kindling or not... why (((Ben Stein))) out of all people? I do not get the connection...

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My thoughts exactly

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Bill Maher is a cunt.

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(((Bill Maher))) is a cunt.


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According to Wikipedia:

Until his early teens, he was unaware that his mother, whose family was from Hungary, was Jewish. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Maher#Early_life)

I did not know that until now...

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Yeah right. Many jews claim this nonsense

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The FBI, CIA, Mockingbirds, etc.. market themselves as being elite, superior, etc.. They are weak, feeble, pathetic human beings. And, that leads to their insecurity and authoritarian natures that leads to them wanting to lord over everyone.

Imagine if you had the power, momentum of the US government behind you.. Imagine what you could accomplish towards the freedom and liberty of all people. Now, look at what they have done. They use it to enslave people instead of freeing them. They take technology that could make everyone free and turn it into an authoritarian dystopia.

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I need America to fail so Talmudic prophecy will be fulfilled


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Dems are the equivalent of the angry ex boyfriend who says " if I can't have you, no one can!".

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Failed comedian BILL MAHER is sick, sick bastard.

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Failed comedian (((BILL MAHER))) is sick, sick bastard.

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(((Limousine Liberal))) who is far removed from regular society dictates to his inferiors the narrative being pushed by (((the elite))) . . .

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Rule of thumb, if your meme has two Jews atleast one of them needs to be dead.

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Ben Stein did nothing wrong.

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