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Anyone have a TL;DR?


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You lazy ass, this is the output from my img2text converter:

As an American, I want all of the other Americans here to remember this. The Govemment is against you, almost openly now, but they also know that they cannot win if it comes to an open war. We have a trum p card they cannot match. If it comes to a fight, THEY WILL LOSE, so there are elements in the establishment who will do absolutely everything in their power to prevent it from coming to that. The U.S. Government is not in support of its people, and the people are not in support of the govemment. It is within the means of certain interests to start World War III simply as a distraction to avoid an American Civil War, because by their reckoning it is better to ruin other"lesser" nations like Syria and spill the blood of patriots than lose their own grip on power. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, WORLD WAR III COULD ITSELF BE A DELIBERATE FALSE FLAG TO PREVENT A POWER CHANGE IN AMERICA. REMEMBER THIS.