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Trump is bending over and giving the Zio-Kikes everything they want.

  • Full Protection for Israel within the United Nations security council.
  • Sanctioning the theft of Jerusalem via the U.S. Embassy move.
  • Appointing this hook-nossed cunt to specifically begin quilt-triping Poland for not taking refugees?


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Trump is also ignoring he fact that his son in law and buddies are racing to build new homes in the settler areas. Something like 40,000+ recently were announced and since Trump came office. Go to major kike news web sites, they will offer to sell you one. You can be a settler too!

Israel is also selling or sharing Nuclear technology with Saudi Arabia. Trump has to back door that approval through the state department. The people that attacked America 18 years ago, Saudi highjackers...Israel is putting nukes in their hands thanks to Zionist machinations.

Trump is setting up permenant bases in Syria for the protection of Israeli interests. Trump has publicly asked Russia to stop attacking ISIS in Syria through diplomats. Trump has stationed American troops to work with ISIS in Syria.

Trumps surogate mouth piece Alex Zionist Jones is already laying the ground work for a one state solution and to label the Palestinians as Jordanian settlers that Jordan should take back. Or a refuge camp needs to be set up in another country other than Israel to have the Palestinians purged from Greater Israel.


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How very Kosher of you, Donald.


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"Fight Antisemitism" codeword for :JEWS HAVE FREE REIGN"


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Wtf trump


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Trump is looking more and more like a shabbos goy every day...


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And Poland should deport her.

Poland doesn't owe the US anything anyhow.


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This Georgette Mosbacher. This is the Polish Minister of Defense. Good luck bitch.


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All Poland has to do is declare here Persona Non Grata and she will be on the first plane home. Remember the host nation must accept the appointment of an ambassador, and they are under no obligation to do so.

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