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All Hitler wanted was a sovereign nation for his people and a place for their future generations. He wanted to stop the ungodly atrocities that the vile Jews had committed in Russia from spreading to the people and nation he so dearly cherished. He never wanted to fight England, France or the United States. He wanted them to join him in his cause and unite against the one true enemy of the people of the world, the vile Jew and it's absolute disdain for all human life. People wanted to join him as well, but would be met by masked Jews in the street that rallied useful idiots to fight by their side to squash any and all opposition. Hitler spoke at great lengths about how the Jews controlled the media, politicians and the courts and how the only way to defeat them was to expel them completely. Japan, the only based and still based country on the planet was impenetrable by the vile Jew and did the right thing and fought for the freedom of the free people of the world.

The Jews, experts at brainwashing and without any morals or empathy to hold them back, eventually through their slithering snake tongue of lies defeated the last great hero of this planet and brought about their reign of terror and horror that we have all watched unfold over the last 80 years. The Jews in their wickedness and evil then projected all the evils they committed onto the very people and person who had dared to stand against the snake and have travelled every avenue possible in dragging this hero and his people's name through the mud and painted the greatest hero of our times as a villain and pretended that the crimes they themselves committed were of this man.

The tide is turning though and the Jew is scared. They are cracking at the seems and this new invention called the Internet is finally allowing us to reveal their true nature. That is why they work ceaselessly to restrain it and control everything that people are allowed to say on it. They do not care about the black, browns, yellows or any other color, their only real power comes from pitting people against each other as they simultaneously strive to force people who have no reason to ever live together, to live in close proximity. Soon the Internet will escape their control and all corners of the world will finally see these villains for what they are. Their skin will be shed.