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Check out her instagram. It's good for keks. People really want her to run in 2020. Bernie too. Those losers have no idea about the world.


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I think most of us on Voat would like to see her run again. I really want to see Trump vs. Hillary season 2. The first season was above and beyond all expectations.


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I don't think she'll be mentally capable.

I mean she really wasn't in 2016 but the cracks will really show come 2020


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Original air date: August 19, 2020

Transcript begins: Jimmy Kimmel: Hillary, it’s great to have you back on the show. You’re looking fully human as you always have. No question about that!”

Clinton: Please put down the weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.

Kimmel: Ha ha! That’s so relatable and endearing to all voters. But if we can be serious for a moment, there’s an egregiously false rumor started by what you’ve identified as the Russian Confederacy of Nazis here among us in our very own beautiful country. They’re spreading this lie that you are in fact a robot.

Clinton: (Dial-up modem sound)

Kimmel: Haha. Yes, like a roomba. How mock worthily absurd. That’s why we’ve got this pile of dust and things that a robot like a roomba would feel compelled to clean to prove once and for all whether you are a robot.

Audience laughs as Kimmel sprinkles a small amount of dust on his desk.

Kimmel: Well? Do you feel the need to clean this dust like the subhuman trash think you will?

Clinton stares motionlessly ahead as the sound of whirring gears emanates softly from under her bulky winter shawl. A stream of sooty black smoke begins to billow healthily from her agape mouth.

Technicians rush the stage wielding fire extinguishers as the audience applauds enthusiastically

Kimmel: Well that settles that! Let’s take a quick break, and when we come back, Mikey Cyrus is here to have sex with an African Muslim migrant live for us on stage. You won’t want to miss it!


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I spot a great screenwriter!


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What are you? A robo-phobe?


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This wouldn't be so scary if it's wasn't plausible. Fuck I'd believe she'd put her brain in a jar if it meant she could still try to control people.


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That reminds me of some lyrics from an Adam F drum and bass track from the early 2000’s.


Niggas are hesitant to leave they place of residence

Military police keep peace,

Hillary's president

It's evident

The government withholds the cure for AIDS

Nah, no revolution, citizens still afraid

German type tanks protect banks of technefill

In fact, they done made contact with celestial

Homing devices keep niggas from roaming

Oh Hillary, she exists through cross cellular cloning

Half man, half dog shit

Off the wall shit, God shit with a pig head and pray to the pulpit

Trying to obtain the secret to time travel

Assassinate key figures in time and unravel

United Federation of Psychotic Oppression

Through meditation I avoid psychotic depression

For adolescents throughout time, peep the lesson

One God, one aim, one plan, the obsession"


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Saw this on the dailystormer and couldn't stop giggling.


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She's related to the zucc?


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She would be a great candidate. She redpill the masses. You can never have enough of Hillary ' whiny, entitled bitchiness!


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betcha she shits herself next time around


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All muslims, SJW's, illegal immigrants and everyone in Bangladesh.....

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