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Is this what Judge Marson found so funny?


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It was always the plan to let them go. Muslims are allowed to rape now.


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it's their religion


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We are being hit with a massive number of shills who are attempting to promote their Zionist shill leader Tommy Robinson.

Notice how I have video proof that Tommy Robinson is a Zionst, yet I'm being called a shill. I'm literally being called a shill for showing you a video of Tommy Robinson admitting he's a Zionist.

Tommy Robinson is a ZIONIST shill.

Proof from 2012


And here are some interesting pictures of him you should see.

Archived tweets.

These are two pictures of many. He is a Zionist shill. Controlled opposition. His incarceration is a publicity stunt to gain him fame and influence in the movement. This is how (((they))) infiltrate and takeover.

Tommy Robinson is a Zionist that has secret meetings with Jews. He is in bed with the enemy. Controlled opposition.

Tommy Robinson's real last name is LENNON and he calls himself a " ZIONIST" and has secret meetings with Jews. CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

Stephen Christopher Lennon (né Yaxley; 27 November 1982[3]), known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson and previously Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris,[4] is a far right activist[5][6][7][8][9] who co-founded and served as spokesman and leader of the English Defence League (EDL),[10] from which he resigned in 2013.

Robinson has declared his support for the Jewish people and Israel, calling himself a Zionist.[19]

Tommy Robinson has met with members of Manchester’s Jewish community at a secretive event

I could keep digging, I bet I can already tell that he's working with Jews with makes him a shill, a traitor, or blind as a bat.

Jews import Muslims and create the problem and then pose as the solution and give us another " WE MUST LOVE ISRAEL" leader a-la Trump.

Look. Jews are not allies. They are behind the Islamification of the West.

1,500 rabbis sign letter calling on Trump administration to support refugees

1,000 American rabbis sign letter welcoming Syrian refugees

184 US synagogues pledge to welcome, support refugees

More Than 40 Texas Rabbis Sign Letter Decrying Governor's Stance On Refugee Resettlement

15 Jewish groups call to open doors for refugees

Cleveland Rabbis fight for Syrian refugees in letter to President Trump

With Jewish help, Muslims win right to build Basking Ridge mosque

Rabbi: Jews are fighting alongside their Muslim brothers against Old Europe

Seattle Jews rally for refugees: 'We are not going back to the 1930s'

Chief Rabbi condemns Trumps Muslim ban as totally unacceptable

South Orange synagogues welcome refugee family

Jewish Groups Slam Trump's Draft Order Barring Muslim Refugees

American Rabbis to Congress: Let the Syrian Refugees In

Cambridge synagogue pledges to open arms to refugees - The Boston Globe

Let Refugees In: Beachwood Rabbi Signs Letter Urging Trump To Welcome Refugees

Bay Area Jews join SFO protest against Trumps immigration ban

Rabbis urge David Cameron to speed up refugee scheme

Canadian Jews and Muslims unite to help Syrian refugees

Moved by moral imperative, Canadian synagogues sponsor Syrian refugees

Jewish activist vows solidarity with Muslims in the US

Jewish rights leader to register as Muslim if Trump launches a Muslim registry

White Jews Have A Duty To Stand With Muslims And People Of Color

Protesting on behalf of refugees

Our synagogue is a home for Syrian refugees | Euronews

On refugees, we American Jews will not be bystanders -

Jewish groups say government must do more to house refugee families

Jewish community seeks to aid Muslim refugees

Singing salaam, synagogue hosts a welcome dinner for Syrian refugees

Yes, Jews are making bold, lifesaving efforts to help the refugees - Opinion

Scottsdale rabbi hosts family of Syrian refugees

In Berlin: German Jews, Israelis aid Mideast refugees

As allies of Martin Luther King, Jews must fight for the civil rights of Muslims

Jews with Soviet background protest Trump's ban on Muslim refugees

Jews stand together with Muslim neighbours at Montreal mosque

In the US, we need a Muslim-Jewish alliance ...

Muslim Jewish Advisory Council meets with Trump administration officials

Activist Phoenix rabbi hosts Syrian refugee family for Thanksgiving

US rabbis envy Canadian counterparts chance to welcome refugees

Q&A: Jewish rabbi battles Islamophobia in the US

Minister Rabbi Deri Advances Plan to Take In Syrian Refugees

Rabbis back refugees - The Australian Jewish News

Rabbis retirement gift is home for refugees