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School shootings are a symptom of a bigger problem. They really should be called Public school shootings.


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End public schools.

We have broadband internet, 5g, and even the most rural areas can access selected teachers that excell. If one can get a college diploma, even a masters, why not a High School diploma?

Well, the answer is we can, but there are MANY more reasons for public school. These are government run Marxist indoctrination centers, liberalism is pounded into their heads, teaching nigger culture, shaming all no -participants In nigger culture, teaching all whites that having children is the worst thing to ever happen to you. Teaching women staying home with a family is abandonment of your role, teachers who are usually dried up old dyke cat ladies actively hold back males from achieving, and their primary job seems to be to shame everyone from having any white identity or pride in their culture.

Is this a public daycare from 7-3 or a way to educate the next generation? Is the point to teach and educate or to hold back the best and brightest? Indifference was the emotion, but now that these schools are now fish in the barrel for every little commie, they are a public danger.

Plus, there's no reason for a property tax without a K-12 line item - which is the largest expenditures for nearly every state and county.

Finally, nobody wants to admit these High Schools are very close to the way Prisons are run - from the power structure to the architecture. Freedom and Responsibility are removed, they are reduced to serving the lowest common denominator (niggers), and any one can tell you that nigger culture is the prevailing culture just like in a prison. Now they wish to make these even more like prisons with National Guard posts and ruining kids lives for things like pointing out that a square root symbol looks like a gun. End the madness.


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Under rated comment. This is what everyone should start calling them--public school shootings.


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"no child left behind"

leaves the one nerd with no friends totally unprotected because there not the right skin color/religion and "bullying is wrong"

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School or Public shootings are happening because the media gives the shooters so much coverage. They turn outcast idiots and morons into celebrities, if even for a day. But they state the shooters name over and over and over, and this is what they want and crave. Next shooting, report the shooting happened, then leave it be. This is all part of the liberals eating themselves. They are the cause.


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Naw man. These are medicated children who have been abused. They are hurting and this is their release.

The media isn't even a thought in their minds. It's revenge for all the pain and trauma.