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Reminder that niggerfaggot Don Lemon was so butthurt over the election that he was drunk on air for NYE, and had to be stopped from drunkenly getting his nipple pierced....on air.

CNN in a nutshell.

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Also Don't Lemon is literally a cock sucking faggot.. Interestingly

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No link?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khv59U-kqWc Jewtube link only one I have

Also there's another clip of him saying there was a lot of sexual tension between him and the bitch right before the ball drops

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Can’t make this shit up.

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Just another opportunistic nigger taking a shot at a potential coal-burner, even though, as disgusting as Stormy is, she's way above lemon's league. Even amy schumer is way above lemon's league.

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He's a homo for those living under rocks.

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Never let yourself be represented by an attorney addicted to fame. Avenatti's one of these peculiar, renowned lawyers who's weirdly oblivious to his vulnerability.

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How professional...

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The astounding arrogance of it... they know absolutely nothing will come of this. God, I hate these first class citizens.

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Reminder that the lawyer worked for Obama

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