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Great, when the city's SJWs have chased business out of the city., then what?

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Jews buy it up for cheap and ensure that it remains shitty until it's either nuked or taken over by RWDS

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Companies that don't pay taxes and only provide shitty minimum wage jobs are not of value to the city. They should be chased out. When Amazon stops tax dodging and making workers piss in bottles I might give a fuck about them leaving.

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YES! This person gets it. What good are jobs if they have to be subsidized to be liveable?

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That won't happen, anywhere that meets their educational requirements probably isn't any cheaper.

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How is this site considered a good source.

Lots of words, lots of assumptions and near 0 evidence of the claims being made.

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sorry guys, but i don't care if amazon and starbucks need to pony money up. fuck them and everything they do to this country.

to bad the city didn't get smart and just tax them and not regular business owners.

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Thing is if they do then they're just keeping the homeless problem going. Only a hard stance against enabling more street shitters will change things.

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it's possible, but companies like amazon are a major cause of joblessness and homelessness. meglo-corporations push small business out and jack up the housing market in areas. Walmart, perfect example of this shittery